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The Newsletter for the USS Endeavour NCC-1508
Starbase 06, Quadrant One, Starfleet Command

Issue No 6

July 2005

From the Captain's Chair
by Fleet Captain Roy Jackson

Well, it has been an eventful year so far.  Due to technical difficulties, we haven't had a newsletter in a while.  But, I hope this one makes up for it.

First I want to remind many of the crew that a majority of the Endeavour signed up in Starfleet two years ago, so it is renewal time.  If anyone has trouble coming up with the money for renewal, please let your fellow crew members know and we can try to do something to help.  If you have any qualms about renewing, please let me know so i can attempt to fix whatever the problem is.

Second, I want to remind everyone that we are going to be a BIG part of Starbase Indy this year, so we will want to get the word out as much as possible.  This year the headliner is Dominic Keating and there are plenty more confirmed stars as well.  With the help of the Endeavour, I hope this will be the most successful year yet.  So, if you are not already volunteering with Security, Operations, or Guest Liaison, contact me and I will get you on the schedule.

Click on the logo above to check out Starbase Indy's website.  It is going to be awesome

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Christmas Party
by Commander Cyndi Jackson

On December 18th, the Endeavour crew did it again.  This year the party began with the wedding and reception of members Rod and Christina Miller.  After the wedding the second annual Christmas party began.  At least 73 members and friends arrived for this event.  As usual, the food, music, dance, and fellowship was awesome.  I believe it is a consensus that if anyone knows how to celebrate, it is definitely the Endeavour crew.  Once again, (with the help of LTjg Corey Hollingsworth), Santa arrived to greet the crew and have his picture taken with everyone.  (The trek from the North Pole must really be getting to old Santa because he actually looked a little shorter this year.)  The party lasted for six hours but will stay in our memories for years.  Hope to see even more of you for next year's Christmas Gala.

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New Year's Eve
by Commander Lisa Wehmanen

This year, the Endeavour had a New Year's Eve party at the home of Kevin Hollingsworth.  There were plenty of snacks and beverages. As has become the tradition with Endeavour parties, there was Karaoke. There was even a card table set up in the garage for the kids. We had a huge turn out, as could be expected. 

After an evening of partying, the night ended with a bang, literally. Just after the stroke of midnight and the drop of the ball, we lost power. Not just for a few seconds, but for an extended period of time.  There was no electricity. Upon looking outside, we discovered that transformers were blowing down the road. If this had been Y2K, there may have been more of a panic but we went right on with the party by candle light.  All in all, it was a great evening. I consider it to be one of, if not the best Endeavour party yet. Our parties seem to improve with time and experience. Here's to 2005. 

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by Commander Lisa Wehmanen

We held our second annual Endeavour Easter Extravaganza on Easter day this year. Once again, a big thanks to Jim and Vickie Griffin for hosting the party at their home. It was a huge pitch-in event with a dessert table as big as the food table. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and a lot of games. 

Everyone won prizes either at Bingo or in one of the Easter related relay games. Cyndi went the extra mile in planning the games and prizes this year. The Easter Egg hunt was held outdoors, despite a dreary whether forecast. We had nice weather right when we needed it. The kids all had a blast, especially the littler kids who are a little bigger this year and have more fun finding eggs and playing games. The turnout was still good even though many people had family and church events the same day. Everyone made time for their Endeavour family. Another successful event for the Endeavour.

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Anderson Library
by Commander Cyndi Jackson

On March 6, 2005, with the assistance of Mark Kratzner of the Anderson, Indiana library, the Endeavour hosted it's first public Star Trek event.  With many Star Trek fans in the Anderson area the library allowed our group to schedule time to share our enthusiasm with the public.  This idea was a big hit with not only the 80 people in attendance but also with the awesome Space Hippie, Deborah Downey.  Deborah spoke to the fans about her experience and how she is doing now.  If you have ever met Deborah you already know how great it is to hear her speak.  If you have not met her, and was not present, well, sorry, you really missed out on this one!!  Deborah also shared and signed photos and buttons with the fans.  Leading up to Deborah the group was pleased to have one of their own members, Mark Williams, share his experience with Save Enterprise and the art of collecting Star Trek memorabilia.  (Mark is just one of our members that is very photogenic - check our web site!)  Anyway, we also met possible future Endeavour member, Gary Barclay.  Gary shared his personal experience of being present for Scotty's star added to the Walk of Fame in California.  He also had a video to share with the group.  The Endeavour had personal collections, were dressed in costume and provided door prizes.  Hopefully we will do this again next year.  If so, consider this a personal invitation to get involved.  Special thanks go out to Deborah Downey, Mark Kratzner, Mark Williams, Gary Barclay, and the USS Indianapolis for supporting our effort to share fandom.

“From Inside The Jefferies Tube”

LT Robert Irwin

You know with all the shows like “Wildboys,” “Viva La Bam,” and “Jackass,” it’s hard to be a teenager and not do stupid stuff. So why fight it? As many of you have seen or have been a victim of, me, Corey, Dylan, and a few people from my hometown of Logansport, have been making our own Alex version of the shows above. And let me tell you, “stupid is as stupid does.”

The three weeks working on our movie, entitled “IOWA,” have been crazy ones. I have been violated, beat up, had the cops called, and nearly blinded. It was AWESOME!!!

Hey Bobby, what’s ‘IOWA’ stand for? Well my fine imaginary person, I’ll tell you, ‘IOWA’ stands for “Idiots Out Wandering Around.” Cole Jackson, a friend from Logansport made it up. He’s a funny guy.

So what kind of crazy stuff have we done? Well we’ve skateboarded for a whole week. That was pretty cool. If you ever get the chance, you should watch Dylan. That kid can skateboard.

We’ve antiqued each other. That’s when you take flour and throw it in someone’s face while they’re asleep, it make’s them look old. Sorry to Cindy and Roy for getting some flour on the couch. Our bad.

One night, about 2 in the morning, GOOD OLE’ COREY put gas in a water gun and shot fire. This led to the cops paying us a visit. I, being the only one outside, got a bit of a lecture on how the water gun could pressurize and blow up. Sorry to Cindy for waking you up to talk to the cops. Our bad again.

You know what? I don’t want to ruin it for you. There’s some stupid stuff in this movie, and if you know us, or if you don’t, this movie is sure to be a treat for you. It has some content that some people might not appreciate. But then again, so does a lot of stuff on television. So if you like stupid stuff then go ahead and buy a copy. They’ll be on sale for $5 each. Buy some for friends, or family. If you’d like more information, I’ve built a Web site for the movie: http://ussendeavour.net/rob/iowa/iowa.htm

Hey, wanna find out more about me? Go to http://ussendeavour.net/rob/

That’s it. If anyone needs me, I’ll be inside the Jefferies Tube.

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Midnight Parade
by Commander Cyndi Jackson

Many of you may remember the info I shared last year about the missing husband that was eventually found in the garage.  Well, believe it or not, this year's preparation for the Midnight Parade was actually a smooth event.  Our wonderful Captain worked at a calm pace (who am I kidding? he made us all crazy with anticipation!) and once again created a masterpiece. The "Salute our Troops - May the Force Be with You" theme was a great hit.  It is still unknown just how many members participated, I am guessing around 40.  The costumes were as great as the Star Wars Ship and I do believe everyone had a really fun time.  "Chewy" (thanks Julie Mulder) was absolutely wonderful with both young and old spectators leaving the crowd for hugs and pictures (Check the website for pictures).  We were especially proud to have the support of Captain Gene Adams and the USS Indianapolis with us this year.  With such support I believe Starfleet Command can continue to grow.  

And to end the celebration of July 4th, after the fireworks, parade, and food,  the teens had their own celebration.  Be sure to ask LT Bob Irwin for techniques of how to avoid bottle rockets that are coming full force!!  (Hey Bob - have you heard of stop, drop, and roll?)  May the Force be with you - Happy Independence Day.

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Endeavour at the Races!
by Captain Stacy Mulder

Starships do indeed travel very quickly through the galaxies, but land travel can reach respectable speeds as well, and one form of land travel that the Endeavour has been involved with recently was the Anderson Mayor’s Cup Grand Prix Go-Kart Race on April 30. 

Each spring, at the end of April or first of May, the Anderson Sertoma Club sponsors the Mayor’s Cap Go-Kart Race. The proceeds of the race benefit Anderson’s Gateway Association, as well as other local charities. Racers from several states enter in several classes: TaG Seniors, 4-Cycle Restricted Jr., Kid Karts 50cc., Yamaha Medium Pipe, Pro Shifters, 4-Cycle Medium, Yamaha SR Sportsman Can, Pro Naskart, Yamaha Heavy Pipe, 4-Cycle Heavy, Yamaha Junior Super Can, Pro Yamaha Pipe, Pro 4-Cycle, and Pro 123cc Shifters.

This year, Endeavour was proud to have several crew members involved with Sertoma in that race. Conrad Spearman, Matt Spearman, Julie Mulder, and Stacy Mulder all took part in helping put on the event; their duties ranged from building the actual race track on the Friday before the race, to working the turns and gates during the actual race itself, to tearing down the track and cleaning everything up on the Sunday after the race.  The Endeavour is proud to have contributed to such a worthy local cause.

This edition’s science article comes courtesy of E. Sohn
and is entitled: Super Star Cluster in the Neighborhood

Imagine cramming hundreds of thousands of bright, young stars into a space no bigger than our solar system. Talk about a traffic jam! 

Astronomers have observed such "super" star clusters, but only in galaxies far, far away—until now. It turns out there's a massive, super-dense star cluster right in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It was spotted by a team of European astronomers using several telescopes at the European Southern Observatory's La Silla site in Chile.

The densest cluster of stars (center) that's been detected in the Milky Way
European Southern Observatory 

Just 10,000 light-years from Earth (a mere jog across town in space terms), the cluster measures 6 light-years across. Its weight, the astronomers estimate, is at least as heavy as 100,000 suns. The cluster's name is Westerlund 1. The fact that the cluster exists isn't a total surprise. Since 1961, astronomers have known that some sort of grouping of young stars lies in the constellation Ara.

Because the cluster hides behind a large cloud of gas and dust, though, they had no idea how packed with stars it is. Sensitive detectors on telescopes at La Silla helped the researchers identify more than 200 massive stars in Westerlund 1. Each of these stars, they found, weighs 30 to 40 times as much as the sun. Some of the stars are a million times brighter. A few are so big that they would reach all the way to Saturn if you could put them where our sun is. 

The telescopes in Chile were not sensitive enough to detect smaller stars in the cluster, but scientists are sure they must be there. There are probably at least a half-million more stars in Westerlund 1, they say. The astronomers estimate that the cluster is just 5 million years old. That's young in star years. The discovery could help illuminate what the universe was like in its early days. Back then, studies suggest, star formation tended to happen within clusters. Collisions among stars in the super cluster could also lead to the formation of a medium-sized black hole. Right here in our own backyard.

Singing in Toyland
by Captain Stacy Mulder

Never let it be said that a small group can’t have a lot of fun!

That’s what we had at Mark’s Endeavour Karaoke night on February 12—a small but wild group. Our very own Commander Mark hosted all comers in his Trek Toyland—in other words, his basement--on Saturday evening, and though the group was indeed small, it was powerful—and FUN!

Roy, Cyndi, and Stacy arrived ready to sing and with snacks in hand. We were delighted to try Roy’s new karaoke machine—a gift from Cyndi at Christmas. The machine worked great—it was so nice to have such a large screen for the karaoke lyrics!

Also working great was Mark’s fabulous equipment. If you didn’t know it, Mark has practically a recording studio in that basement Toyland of his, so attendees on this Saturday night got a special bonus—a recording of themselves singing their karaoke favorites! Perhaps the three most entertaining sets of the evening came from Roy and Cyndi—as they performed Sonny and Cher numbers—from Mark as he wailed out “Oops, I Did It Again”--and from Mark and Roy, whose rendition of “I Had the Time of My Life” is something we will never, ever forget (especially since we have the number on CD)! We also stayed true and enlarged upon Endeavour tradition by adding a new dedication song to our list. Now, in addition to “You’re So Vain,” Endeavour style, we also have “Dead Skunk.” We’ll let all you wise crew members guess to whom THAT one was dedicated!

A big thank you to Mark for allowing us to totally monopolize his time and equipment for a great evening. Maybe we can do it again soon, yes?!!

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Vulkon Convention in Cleveland
by Fleet Captain Roy Jackson

The last couple of conventions in Cleveland have really wore me out.  So, when I saw Vulkon was having another one in April, I almost did not contact them to work security.  But, on closer inspection, I discovered Jonathan Frakes was the headliner, and I had never met him.  Besides that, Cyndi always said he was the cutest character of all Star Treks.  I emailed Vulkon and confirmed their need for us, and we were set to go.

With radios, notebooks and our black STAFF shirts, we converged on Independence, OH once again.  Although I really wanted to meet Jonathan Frakes, I found when I got there that Carmen Argenziano (Samantha Carter's dad on Stargate SG-1) was a very personable and likable guy.  I spent most of my free time just kind of "hanging out" with him.

When it came time to escort Mr. Frakes in I had flashbacks of other stars who were less than friendly.  But Jonathan was fantastic.  I was in my TNG uniform with my current rank, and when he walked up to me, he immediately said "Happy to meet you captain!" and gave me that grin he is famous for.  Our group had our picture taken with him and I presented him with an Honorary Captain plaque which he was happy to accept and he then suggested he should hold it up for the photo.  The photographer had a very fast color laser printer, so I was able to get the print before I got in the autograph line.  Jonathan was busy signing autograph after autograph when I laid the photo down.  As he reached for it, he saw what it was and looked up at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen.  I felt really comfortable around him.

It was a non-stop hectic, and sometimes crazy, weekend.  We had our ups and downs, but the Endeavour came through with flying colors.  I was told at the convention that we were the most organized and professional security group they have seen.  And this came from Vulkon staff that travel all over the country.

Team Roboto
by Captain Stacy Mulder

One of the groups that the Endeavour supports is a truly scientific bunch—Madison County’s Team Roboto #447. Team Roboto is made up of Madison County high school students, and if you haven’t already guessed, the team’s interest is—robots!

Team Roboto is part of F.I.R.S.T. Robotics—For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. Each year this national organization develops a game to be played on a gymnasium or arena floor, and local teams then build a robot that is capable of playing that game. Students work with a defined budget and a set of starter parts to construct a robot that works both autonomously through programming and through joystick controls to maneuver about and play the game according to rules and time limits.

The 2004-5 season was a particularly good one for Team Roboto. Endeavour member LTCDR Julie Mulder enjoyed her third year in the robotics team, this year actually helping to build the robot. The team competed at two regionals and at national competition this year, finishing fifth out of over 300 worldwide competing teams that met in Atlanta. Additionally, Team Roboto brought home both regional and national honors—awards for robot design and creativity from Radio Shack and Xerox. These awards continue a tradition of excellence in technology and design for the team, for Team Roboto was the first and only team last year to use actual gloves instead of joysticks to drive the team robot in competition.

Endeavour salutes Team Roboto and its accomplishments!

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Anderson Speedway
by Fleet Captain Roy Jackson

Thanks to the efforts of Commander Lisa Wehmanen, we had our second 50/50 drawing at the Anderson Speedway in Anderson Indiana.  Lisa made all the connections and all we had to do was arrive on time and sell tickets.  We set up a table and our younger members ran around selling to patrons in the stands.

A few of us even went into the pits for some quick sales between races.  In the four hours we were there we managed to raise $100 for the Hopewell Center Client Council, $100 for Team Roboto, and $85 for our club expenses.  We then stayed and enjoyed the races.  It was a win/win evening all around and cant wait to do it again.

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