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The Newsletter for the USS Endeavour NCC-1508
Starbase 06, Quadrant One, Starfleet Command  

Issue No 5

November 2004

From The Captain's Chair

By CAPT Roy Jackson

Although I have written many articles as Captain of the Endeavour, this is first one I have written with the rank of Captain. 

I am very excited and humbled by the promotions and awards the Endeavour received from the Admiralty Board at Starbase Indy. I do not like to make my articles too long, but I have to congratulate everyone for their participation that led to the awards we received. 

First, the publication you are reading received second place for newsletter of the year. This was only possible because of the articles and photos submitted from our wonderful crew. 

Although various members submit articles, I must thank the following members for ALWAYS submitting above and beyond for every newsletter; LTCDR Cyndi Jackson, LT Rob Irwin, CMDR Stacy Mulder, and LTCDR Mark Williams. You make up over half of every newsletter. 

The Endeavour also received first place in a number of categories. As Unit Recruiter of the Year and Website of the Year, I must say that our members' willingness to be active in all aspects of Endeavour events, activities, and projects has kept us growing and given us plenty to add to the website. 

We were named Ship of the Year, Heavy Division. This is probably the greatest honor bestowed on a ship and I was so proud to go on stage and accept this honor. I felt the entire crew should have been on that stage because the crew, not the captain, earned it. 

It has been said that a captain is only as good as his crew, but I truly believe the crew is better than the captain and you just make me look good. After all this, I am forced to misquote another starship captain when I say, "Let history never forget the name ENDEAVOUR!"

Starbase Indy

By CAPT Roy Jackson

Almost a year ago Kim Huff and Rusty Harrell put their financial futures on the line and signed contracts to resurrect Starbase Indy. Kim and Rusty did their homework and enlisted the help of volunteers from the Circle of Janus, a sci-fi/ fantasy group with experience at InConJunction held in July. They also contacted Paramount and received their blessing, promotion and sponsorship. So, on Thanksgiving weekend, the Marriott East held the first fan-based convention in five years. 

Starbase Indy-The Ninth Generation proved to be a positive example of what a convention can be if the fans give their all to make it a success. This is in direct contrast to the type of convention where a promoter is just out to make a profit. 

After volunteers were in place, the Endeavour did its part to fill in the gaps. As a group, we refurbished, transported and assembled the original Starbase Indy stage, which was a facsimile of the bridge of the Enterprise-D. For the play, we furnished additional costumes, supplied and applied Klingon make-up, and supplied an actor to play LT Reed. 

We also furnished some sci-fi "eye candy" by providing the ten-foot, lighted Enterprise-D alongside the registration tables, and the ten-foot Stargate for the prop room. Both of which were photographed more times than I count by the patrons of the convention. 

Once the convention started, we furnished volunteers to work Registration, man the Video Room, and act as Guest Liaisons. We also filled in where necessary to make supply runs and even baby-sit if necessary. Although I do not think the convention would have flopped without us, I must say it was probably a much bigger success because of us.

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News Flash

By LTCDR Cyndi Jackson

I want to congratulate our first newlyweds of the ship. Rod and Christina first met in July. Christina works with me and she was on a float in front of our 1st place float at the Anderson Midnight parade. On that night, no one had a clue that the future would hold such romance. But it has and she and Rod became newlyweds today, December 18th, 2004. (Yes, this means our members have increased but that is beside the point.) I truly welcome Christina to our family and group and wish them both much happiness. 



Gilly Beane
Athena Holman
Bob Tumulty

Matt Bowman
Devin New
Darrin Nicholas
Alea Nicholas

Donovan Hobbs
Tony Reynolds
Sherry Reynolds

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Anniversary Party

Vickie Griffin, who has not officially joined our group, continues to help our cause in her quiet, selfless way. When Vickie heard our first anniversary was September 6, 2004, she again offered her house and yard for our group activities.

As usual, we came in droves and swarmed on her house and yard. We furnished tons of food for our pitch-in lunch, watched a videotape of our year in review on Vickie's very large television screen, and followed up with the adults singing karaoke inside while the kids had a water fight outside.

To add to the experience, members of Starfleet Officers Club drove all the way from Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate with us. 

As with any Endeavour get-together, we enjoyed good food and good fellowship. We partied for over eight hours and everyone left with a feeling that this is really just the beginning. Thanks again Vickie!

group.jpg (63031 bytes)  stargate1.jpg (58583 bytes)  table.jpg (69117 bytes)

On October 1st through 3rd, the Endeavour participated in the Alexandria Small Town Festival. We had photo ops with the Stargate, craft sales, and generally, a great time.

Our second appearance at the festival turned out to be more of a success than our first, mostly because we learned from our mistakes and successes last year. 

So, we proudly present...

The Endeavour's Top Ten Things to
Remember for the
Alexandria Small Town Festival

10. Only serve chili to the volunteers if you are located near a restroom.
9. Don't let your resident Klingon run towards little children screaming. (this never happened)
8. Invite relatives to come and stand around, so others will want to be "part of the crowd".
7. Bring snacks because festival food is sooooo expensive.
6. Work in shifts so no one gets too tired.
5. Bring a float item to draw a crowd (starship, Stargate, etc.).
4. Only sell items that are NOT perishable because if they do not sell, you have a limited time to sell them elsewhere.
3. Always bring SFC applications because you never know who may see us and love us.
2. Get an inside booth because you cannot predict the weather

...and the number one thing to remember at the Alexandria Small Town Festival...

1. Face Painting, Face Painting, Face Painting!!!!

rodsparty.JPG (165771 bytes)

Endeavour Rocks - Again!

By LTCDR Cyndi Jackson

For those of you who were unable to attend the Endeavor Party at Rod's Open House, I will give a quick summary of the fun you missed! Rod's party consisted of food, drink, a hot tub and absolutely awesome singing. We counted at least 35 people doing the Time Warp, Electric Slide, and of course, the Macarena in his living room. 

As usual, both young and old found something to Karaoke to. And I do believe we have some of the best singing voices around. Of course, I believe we have all decided we should keep our day jobs but you just never know where such talents could lead. Keep Rockin' Endeavour!

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Make A Difference Day

By LTCDR Cyndi Jackson

October 23, 2004 was national "Make A Difference Day." As part of a directive from Starfleet Command, the Endeavour planned to participate in a way we felt we could do the most good. Anderson, Indiana has a citywide campaign for this day, which is promoted by the Anderson Federation of Teachers. We joined this campaign with the excitement and ambition I have come to expect from our group. 

We began the day with a breakfast where each of us was assigned a task. I was lucky enough to be teamed up with Misty and Samantha, so the three of us headed out to wash windows for a most charming senior citizen. Cleaning her windows took very little effort on our part. However, her appreciation was almost as delightful as she was. After cleaning and visiting we found we had spent very little time, so the three of us decided we would check on other groups. 

Our next stop was at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Anderson. There we found Lisa, Lexi, and Sierra knee deep in potatoes. The food bank had 1500 pounds of potatoes to bag up for the needy. We jumped in and assisted this trio and before we knew it we had completed bagging 3 bins of potatoes. We all had so much fun the six of us decided to see how the Wilson Boys and Girls Club renovation project was doing. There Roy, Rod, Mark, Kyle, and Laura greeted us. This was truly a huge project of painting and computer shelf construction. 

Our parade of ambitious folks again jumped in and with paintbrushes assisted in this worthwhile project. This brought an end to our Make a Difference Day. We each enjoyed giving our time but most of all we enjoyed meeting people that make our community better and we left with the feeling that our group definitely made a difference.


Have you ever dined upon targ oysters in your favorite dining establishment? Have you stroked a tribble? Do you have recent experience with mugatos? Does your sehlat require feeding more than twice a day? 

The answer to all of these questions is most likely an unqualified "no," for all of these fascinating creatures originate from and dwell upon planets other than Earth, the human home planet. However, Earth is indeed home to a variety of unusual and unique creatures with names such as bandicoot, genet, moloch, and numbat. This quarter, we will briefly examine each of these interesting species. 

Bandicoots live in Australia, particularly in Tasmania, and they are considered to be a threatened species. Dogs and cats prey upon bandicoots. Cats, especially, because they are carriers of toxoplasmosis, tend to contribute to the dwindling numbers of bandicoots. However, the clearing of land for agricultural purposes has also led to the demise of many of these marsupials. 

Bandicoots exist in approximately twenty-one different species, including the rufous spiny bandicoot, the pig-footed bandicoot, and the bilby. Because of this species diversity, bandicoots have been known to be brown, orange, striped, or gray in color. The lifespan of this large-eared, tapered-headed, pink-nosed, solitary creature is generally less than three years. Bandicoots eat different varieties of fungus and berries, as well as earthworms and beetles. Klingons consider bandicoots to be weak and overly gentle.  

Genets live mostly in eastern Africa. Their name in Swahili is "Kanu," and they somewhat resemble a cat or a mongoose. Earth history tells us that up until the Middle Ages, genets were often kept as pets because of their extraordinary rat-catching abilities. 

A genet typically lives for about eight years and uses its retractable claws in gathering and capturing food which includes wild fruit, mice, rats, reptiles, and insects. Having captured live prey, genets tend to consume only the heads of their catch and are therefore considered somewhat inefficient carnivores. Genets are furry, and their coloration ranges from tan to yellow to brown. They most often have dark spots in their markings and a long, ringed tail. Weighing in at around seven pounds, genes secrete a horrible smelling fluid when frightened or threatened. Lieutenant Uhura was especially fond of genets during her youth.

"Thorny Devil." That phrase resembles a name that Dr. McCoy might call Mr. Spock. Actually, a Thorny Devil is an Australian moloch. Moloch is a name from human religion: Moloch was a Canaanite god who can be studied in the human Old Testament segment of the Bible. 

Molochs have a lifespan of approximately twenty years. During that time, these passive creatures dine solely upon ants. The moloch is particularly fond of the Iridomyrmex flavipes ant species, and under ideal conditions the moloch can consume up to ten thousand ants in a single meal at a rate of forty-five ants per minute. 

Molochs are rather easily found in their native habitats if one knows what to look for. Molochs have very distinctive leavings. Their feces are spherical in shape and are glossy black in color. The animals tend to accumulate these feces into organized piles in areas of little vegetation, and the molochs tend to return frequently to the same locations in order to relieve themselves. 

Interestingly, molochs appear to have a second head. A knob-like, spiny segment on the back of the moloch's neck becomes prominent when a moloch is afraid and hides its real head between its front legs. Other defense mechanisms of the moloch include the ability to change color, becoming dark green when afraid and yellow or red when at ease. 

Our final Earth animal for discussion is the numbat. Numbats are reddish-brown in color and somewhat resemble a squirrel. Numbats live in wooded areas and are particularly fond of living in Earth's eucalyptus trees. Blind at birth, the numbat clings to its mother's fur for six months before becoming an adult.  

Adult numbats have some fifty-two teeth. With these teeth the numbats intake their diet of termites, consuming as many as ten thousand per day with the help of their very long, sticky tongues that often reach a length of five inches. Since the numbat itself is rarely more than ten inches long itself, the tongue of the numbat is therefore approximately half the length of the animal's entire body. 

It is apparent that alien worlds are not the only ones that contain rare and unusual animal life. The human home planet of Earth also supports a variety of unique animal life forms. The Endeavour science department invites each of you to submit a short article about your favorite Earth animal for the next newsletter. These articles are due by January 30. Please send them by e-mail to: dcop@starfleet-command.com, and feel free to attach pictures! 

Mene Sakkhet Ur-Seveh 

Security Alert

 By LTCDR Mark Williams 

Well where do I start? First I will start with the toy news. The Art Asylum Collectors club has been shut down. For those of you that didn't know it Art Asylum is the company that holds the rights to make Trek figures and ships. The collectors Club was an idea by some members to have an insider view of how Art Asylum worked. It would also provide insider info on products and would be a way of getting Convention Exclusives to members. While the Collectors Club was to be fan run it was to be supported by Art Asylum. After a year and a half the club has been shut down. Collector Club President Tim Brazeal and club VP Mark Williams stated that the support from AA was never there and at this point they would no longer try to maintain the club without the support of AA. It was a grand idea and I hope that at some point the club will return. 

On other news on the toy front the Art Asylum Enterprise E is nearing the ready to produce stage. A photo has leaked out of the paintwork so I see no reason that I can't show it here. 

This is not the final paintwork as setting the colors is the very last step. This looks like it's going to be one amazing toy. 

The next wave of figures have gone on presale at www.actionfigureexpress.com 

Sorry to say you will not be finding these at you local store. Having worked with Pat from AFX through Art Asylum I can say you will not find better prices or service. 

Now about the Indy convention WOW I had a great time. I went as many things to this con; as a member of Starfleet Command, as a member of the Endeavour, and as a representative from Save Enterprise.com. I spent the entire weekend and most of my money there. I saw all the guests and even get to be a part of the in-room interview with Connor Trinneer!! I thought that Connor was very honest and straightforward about Enterprise, his role and things of that nature. I found him to be a real person that you could talk to. 

It really was a great con. I was saddened by what I thought to be a very low turnout but of course, there was that other con crashing and burning that helped in some ways and hurt in many others. One highlight were the awards that the Endeavour won. Roy and Stacy you are the driving force behind the club and my congratulations go out to you and all my fellow Endeavour members. We really do rock so hard it hurts. 8-)


IM000448.JPG (48446 bytes)  IM000450.JPG (50572 bytes)

White River Watchers
Madison County Clean-Up Campaign

On September 11, 2004, members of the Endeavour participated in a clean-up of the section of White River that runs from Daleville, Indiana through Chesterfield, Indiana. We were given canoes, life jackets, and instructions...then they turned us loose.

We paddled down river and collected tires, car parts, and general litter. We then stopped at various drop-off points and unloaded. After a few hours, we had made the long trek to the finish line where we could ring out our socks. We were then transported by the school bus used in the movie "Hoosiers" back to our starting point. We were dripping wet, sore from paddling, and in the best mood you can imagine.

After returning to the starting point, we were given a t-shirt to commemorate the experience and free lunch. It was a great day and we hope to do it again next year.

DSCF0026.JPG (119769 bytes)  DSCF0048.JPG (120874 bytes)  DSCF0118.JPG (116359 bytes)

Halloween, Endeavour Style

The Endeavour Halloween Party was held at 1st LT Kevin Hollingsworth's house. With 67 people in attendance, the party lasted from 5pm until 3am. 

The club outdid themselves this year by converting Kevin's garage into a rather professional-looking "Haunted House." His large living room was open for karaoke with almost everyone participating. LTCDR Stacy Mulder's Karaoke system was also compatible with Kevin's big-screen TV. 

We had a pitch-in meal, treats for the kids, and a variety of kid activities with prizes. After the main events, we retreated to his backyard for a marshmallow and weenie roast.


The Endeavour would like to thank the following sponsors for donating equipment, supplies, or money to our efforts to promote our club and raise money for charities. 

Cox's Supermarket, Alexandria, IN

The Plaster Master-Specializing in plaster and drywall finish work. Also professional carpentry-work at all levels. 
-Contact Rod Miller for free estimates 724-4345.

The Clean Team-Carpet and upholstery cleaning. No job too big or too small. Very reasonable prices.
-Contact Jerry Miller for free estimates 724-7121.

DSCF0001.JPG (120667 bytes)  DSCF0007.JPG (121133 bytes)  DSCF0012.JPG (119500 bytes)

Indianapolis Ice

By CAPT Roy Jackson

A special "thank you" goes out to UAW Local 663.

They donated free Indianapolis Ice tickets to the Endeavour. This made it possible for our members to attend a home game on November 5, 2004. The game was held at the Pepsi Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and for most of us, it was our first ice hockey game. 

When we arrived we found that we had really good seats near the concession stands and the entrance. And I must say, after attending a lot of professional baseball games, the prices were not all that unreasonable. Many of us were unsure what the mascot was, but all the kids wanted pictures taken with it. 

Although the ICE lost 5-2 to the Chicago STEEL, it was still am exciting time.

signing.jpg (99925 bytes)

Treaty Signing

By CAPT Roy Jackson

During Starbase Indy, Starfleet Command signed a triple treaty with The Romulan Star Empire, The International Klingon Expeditionary Forces and the Starfleet Officers Club. This was an especially proud moment for the Endeavour because it solidified our year-old ship alliance with the Starfleet Officers Club. 

This treaty follows the same principals and values established earlier at Star Trek Day at Paramount's Kings Island. Star Trek fans can work together as a united fandom to promote Star Trek and the philosophies it holds true. We are now truly a unified fandom for a united future. 

All groups have differences, but we can embrace our differences and become stronger because of them. "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" is more than just words. This treaty proves that Trek fans truly want to work together for the betterment of all. I believe these are the first steps toward a united worldwide fandom. Now, if we can just approach Starfleet International...who knows?

lights.jpg (104546 bytes)

Christmas Lights

By CAPT Roy Jackson

On December 12, 2004, Misty Jackson, one of our Midshipmen Activities Coordinators (Cruise Directors), put together a trip to Marion, Indiana to experience their annual "City of Lights". Everyone going met at our house and loaded into the big green van and a short half-hour later, we were surrounded by all the Christmas lights. 

It was exciting to hear all the oohs and ahhs from the kids as they discovered dinosaurs, castles, animated elves, and an entire town made of lights. It reminded me what it was like to be young and filled with wonder.

After a short drive through the park, we arrived at the walk of lights where more lighted attractions awaited. It was a fairly cold walk and we were happy to see they had a cabin that sold hot chocolate, cookies and brownies. After everyone had their fill, the midshipmen discovered they sold special cookies-on-a-stick. So each one had to have one of those special cookies with blue icing trim and a winter scene painted with icing in the center.

A half-hour later, we were back home with all the memories the night had afforded us. Thanks Misty.

IM000483.JPG (47957 bytes)

Endeavour Karaoke

By LTCDR Cyndi Jackson

As many of you know, the Endeavour started doing Klingon Karaoke when we first formed an alliance with the now independent IKV Chapel. Since that time, we have invested in our own machines and music.

As we found how much we enjoyed karaoke, LT Rod Miller took it upon himself to set up an Endeavour Karaoke event at the Happy Times. Rod was excited about the prospect of karaoke at Happy Times, and the owners knew and liked Rod, so I think they agreed just to appease him.

On September 15, 2004, the crew of the Endeavour who were over the age of 21 donned our Star Trek uniforms and T-shirts and landed on the unsuspecting bar on Harrison Street in Alexandria, Indiana. Since we were just testing the waters, we did not have a cover charge or donations for a charity. We did not even hook into the bar's sound system.

We set up the machine and a few of the members started off the evening singing some of the classics. This started others to participate and patrons of the bar joined in. Before you knew it, we had the whole place shaken'. Rod added to the festivities by supplying his own words for most of the songs he did.
The owners were surprised and delighted. Not only did they thank us for the experience, but also they suggested we give them enough notice before the next event so they could hook into their sound system and advertise.

Thanksgiving weekend, the Endeavour made another karaoke appearance at Starbase Indy. While the parties were going on in the evening, we set up in the registration area and opened the mike to anyone who wanted to participate. This time, someone other than an Endeavour member performed the opening song. How cool is that?

In summary, I would have to say that Endeavour Karaoke will probably continue to grow outside the confines of the club, but if you are a member, you might as well start practicing. It is here to stay.

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The officers and crew of the USS Endeavour welcome you and invite you to join us. Drop by one of our meetings anytime, and visit our website for more information and to contact the members.

The USS Endeavour is a registered not-for-profit organization affiliated with Starfleet Command.

Endeavour Monthly Meetings
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Unless otherwise stated on our Yahoo Groups message board or on our website, the Endeavour monthly meetings will always be held on the third Sunday of each month at 1 pm at Reader Copies in the Cross Street Payless Plaza, Anderson, IN.

If you are not a member of the Endeavour message board, contact Roy Jackson at rjackson35@hotmail.com and give him your name and email address. Once you are added, you will receive emails of all the postings and you can post messages yourself. It is a great way to stay in touch with the rest of the crew.

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Anthony Montgomery

By LTCDR Cyndi Jackson

When we signed up to work Starbase Indy on Thanksgiving weekend I had no idea what I was in for. I knew I was going to be a guest liaison, but I was unclear on what the job entailed. When it was my turn to work, Roy informed me that I was to escort Anthony Montgomery to the stage, stay in the audience during his presentation, and escort him to his autograph table. I was also supposed to stay with him while he signed autographs and make sure he did not need anything.

Escorting Anthony to the stage was easy enough and sitting through his presentation was enjoyable enough, however, having the opportunity to sit with Anthony really made my weekend worthwhile. As a matter of fact, when my relief came so I could get ready for the cocktail party, I chose to stay and help Anthony. I have heard Anthony speak before but this time I was able to sit with him while he met his many fans. In doing this I was able to learn a lot about him. I learned that he is not only a well-liked Star but he is also very sincere to his fans. He greeted and treated each person with a gentle respect. He had a kind word for both the old and young who stood in the very long line to meet him and get his autograph. In his words to the fans I found he has much respect for education, life, family, and humor. With such attributes I believe Anthony will go far in his life and acting career. I sincerely thank Starbase Indy for an unforgettable experience.



A Christmas Quizlet!

When are the Twelve Days of Christmas? 
A. Dec. 26 until Jan. 6 B. Dec. 24 until Jan. 4 
C. Dec. 14 until Dec. 25 D. Dec. 21 until Jan. 1 

Which of the following does NOT give gifts to children in any country? 
A. angels B. reindeer 
C. baby camels D. old women 

What is the name of Tiny Tim's father in A Christmas Carol? 
A. Ben Sackett B. Bill Cratchit 
C. Bill Hatchet D. Bob Cratchit 

Who was the first English king or queen to have a Christmas tree? 
A. Queen Elizabeth B. King James VI 
C. Queen Victoria D. King George II 

Which traditional Christmas plants are NOT poisonous? 
A. poinsettia B. holly 
C. rosemary D. mistletoe 

Name the Christmas Carol brought to mind by these phrases:

bleached yule 
righteous darkness
array the corridors
far off in a feeder
delight for the planet