“…beyond friendship,…beyond family”

The Newsletter for the USS Endeavour NCC-1508
Starbase 06, Quadrant One, Starfleet Command  

Issue No 4

August 2004

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The Endeavour with their first Honorary Captain,
William Shatner


From the Captain’s Chair
By CMDR Roy Jackson

Who would have guessed that in one short year a small group of enthusiastic Star Trek fans would grow in to what is now the Endeavour.   I say “one short year,” but it has been a busy year to say the least.  We have been in parades, worked security at conventions, and met a lot of stars.  But mostly, we have grown closer as a unit.

We started out as the new ship on the block and looked for direction from wherever we could find it.  As Captain, I studied the websites of other ships to find a model we could relate to.  I found the Adventure, the largest ship in the fleet at the time, to be something to strive for.  I talked to a lot of its members and found the general direction we needed.

But, the bulk of our success has come from the founding members.  They attend every meeting and always have excellent ideas for activities that are fun and promote our ship and Starfleet Command.  Everyone on the ship makes a difference, but I want to thank the following people specifically:  LT Cyndi Jackson, LTCDR Stacy Mulder, LT Lisa Wehmanen, LTjg Julie Mulder, ENS Lora Holman, and LTCDR Mark Williams.

I know ships are usually formed to promote Star Trek in a setting that is enjoyable to all members.  However, as time passes, the ship develops a personality and life of its own.  Its members grow closer and feel more like family than friends.  This is the case of the Endeavour as we continue to develop a shared history.  Our motto states, “Beyond friendship, beyond family.”

We have a nuclear family, the founding members, and an extended family, those who joined later.  As with any family, some cousins and aunts are closer than others because they are around more. 

Although Monty New was more of a distant cousin because his health did not allow him to interact with the rest of us as much as we would have liked, he was still in our thoughts.  Monty was a fan in the truest sense of the word, but more than that, he was a man with a family that loved him and will miss him very much.  Now our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in their trying time.  We will not forget him.

The 4-H Parade
By LT Cyndi Jackson

  It was really exciting to receive a request to be a part of Alexandria’s 4-H parade this year.  Blending Star Trek into the 4-H theme involved much discussion but, as usual, this group pulled it off.  We went with “The USS Endeavour presents Old McDonald’s Farm.”  We also wore black armbands in memory of Monty New.

Our float consisted of our ship hovering over a barn and barnyard.  A special thanks goes to my sister Vickie that allowed me to “shop” from her endless supply of yard decorations.  Also, to my brother Jerry who provided his veteran trailer to be used as a float.  Members were dressed in bibs, checkered dresses complete with pigtails, and of course trek uniforms.  Cats, dogs, rabbits, and a snake were some of the family pets that participated.  It was hot as we paraded from downtown to the park grounds.  But, it is great that suddenly we are hearing many greetings from people who are recognizing us from previous events.  The USS Endeavour appears to be popular name.  As this group grows, it just keeps getting better for all!  Keep parading Endeavour!  You are all awesome!  

“Captain, Our Captain”
By LTCDR Stacy Mulder

There’s no secret—the high point for me on August 14 was William Shatner’s acceptance of an Honorary Captaincy on the Endeavour.

At the end of an incredibly crowded photo session, the Endeavour crew gathered for our photo with the legend. To my immense pleasure, not only did Mr. Shatner graciously tell me he would be “honored to take possession” of the Honorary Captain plaque I offered him, but he also asked us where we were from. That may not sound like a lot, folks, but it is. Security around Mr. Shatner is always tight and his schedule is equally so; for us to be honored in this way is truly special, Mr. Shatner, we salute you!

Another interesting observation concerning Vulkon stars came on Friday, shortly after we arrived in Cleveland. I went to dinner alone in the hotel restaurant, and five minutes after I was seated, who should be seated at the table next to mine but 2001:Space Odyssey’s Keir Dullea. The funny thing was--no one else seemed to recognize him! He ate alone and read a book—a classic, according to the cover and binding. He was served in the same manner as any other hotel patron.

The absolute best part of the convention weekend, though, was the interaction among the Endeavour crew. Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly, and we all continue to deepen out friendships. Unquestionably, the Endeavour rocks!  

Command Staff USS Endeavour

Commanding Officer
First Officer/Chief Science Officer
Second Officer/Chief of Operations
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Search & Rescue Officer

CMDR Roy Jackson
LTCDR Stacy Mulder
LT Lisa Wehmanen
LTjg Robert Irwin
LTCDR Mark Williams
LT Cyndi Jackson
LTjg Julie Mulder
ENS Lora Holman

The officers and crew of the USS Endeavour welcome you and invite you to join us.  Drop by one of our meetings anytime, and visit our website for more information and to contact the members.  


The USS Endeavour is a registered not-for-profit organization affiliated with Starfleet Command.

Calendar of Events

September 6, 2004- The Endeavour celebrates its 1st Anniversary.  Details coming soon on our website!

October 1-3, 2004- Alexandria Small Town Festival- The USS Endeavour will have an inside booth.

October 29-31, 2004- Vulkon, Nashville- Members may be working Security.

November 19-21, 2004-  Vulkon, Orlando- Members may be working Security.

November 26-28, 2004- Starbase Indy at the Marriott East in Indianapolis, IN  

Picnic Fun
By LTCDR Stacy Mulder

Ships of Starbase 06 came together on Sunday, August 22, for the annual Starbase 06 picnic.  Instead of being held in Indianapolis as usual, this year the picnickers gathered at Mounds State Park in Anderson. From start to finish, it was a good day for the Trek fans, and especially for the Endeavour!

Our picnic day began with meeting Starbase 06 Commanding Officer, Jeff Wolfe, who had staked out the picnic location and posted picnic location signs throughout the park. We quickly discovered we would not have the electricity we thought we’d have; since the picnic date had to be re-scheduled, we did not get the shelter house that we all expected.  But our location had a lot of shade, was close to the restrooms, and was next to a large, open area—all very essential requirements for a good day at the park!

As Starbase 06 members began arriving and setting up food tables, we were soon excited by the arrival of “the ship”—Endeavour’s own Enterprise, delivered in all its glory by Rod and Marissa in what Rod is now calling his SRV—Starship Retrieval Vehicle. Our flags and banner were proudly displayed, so we had a nice area for photo ops all afternoon. Our Vulkon photo with Honorary Captain William Shatner graced one of the picnic tables, bringing oohs and aahhs from most.  Additionally, Allison, Cyndi, and Stacy managed to get out one song over the karaoke machine, sending out Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll before the karaoke machine decided it didn’t like running on an inverter. Ah well, maybe next time!

As usual, by the time everyone arrived, we found that the food was delicious and plentiful. No one had any excuse for leaving hungry—and no one did! Following our meal, the Unit Commanders and Starbase CO presented several Fleet and ship awards, and each speaker took the opportunity to remind SFC members about forthcoming events. To conclude the meeting and awards session, FADM Mark Bischoff said a few words of encouragement and thanked everyone for coming out. Though the announced Super Soaker contest did not materialize, everyone who had the urge managed to get wet, either from water guns or the nice pool at the park—or both! (Yes, and some who DIDN’T have the urge got wet, too—wasn’t it grand?!)

Ships who had representatives at this year’s picnic were the USS Adventure, the USS Defiant, the USS Halsey, and the USS Endeavour. All told, picnic attendance was 39—one less than Jeff Wolfe had hoped for, but then if we really want to get picky, we really DID have 40 since one of our Endeavour crew is expecting!  And speaking of our Endeavour crew—the Endeavour would like to announce its newest member, Pat Perkins, who joined us for the first time at the picnic and decided to become part of the Endeavour family! Welcome, Pat!  

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stargate1.jpg (32237 bytes)  stargate2.jpg (34782 bytes)

Behind the Scenes
By Cyndi Jackson

For those that have noticed the busy life of the USS Endeavour, I’m sure there are a few that have thought, “How do they do that”?  Well, I’m about to tell you.  First of all, this group seems to have endless ideas of ‘what we could do for fun’.  Second, we seem to have a lot of ‘why not’ responses to those ideas.  Sound simple?  Sure, but this is where our madness begins.  For example, I believe “Lets look great at the midnight parade!” is how the 10-foot ship (that is resting in the garage after battle) came about.  That was so long ago I won’t even try to go into the madness of creating it.  But, this was what led to ‘let’s look even better’.  And of course, being the group that we are the ‘why not’ spirit kicked in.  We chose a Stargate to emphasize our passion for science fiction.  This project began simple enough with blue prints, pictures, explanations, and watching Stargate SG-1.

Once the research was completed I found myself assisting with 2”x4’x8’ foam-boards to begin the foundation of the Stargate.  We mapped out huge arches that eventually became the 10-foot circle.  I then lost a husband for the next few months.  Instead, I had this man that would drag into the house in the wee hours of the morning.  He would check his blue prints, look for tools, and again disappear into the garage.  Venturing into the garage was often an experience of “don’t step there, see how the picture looks, it is going to work”.  Sometimes he would ask me to assist in minor details.  Not often, I think he felt it took too long to explain the madness of layers of plywood, foam board, paint, and the keys.  Oh yes, the keys! Careful planning and detail went into each key as Jackson carved and shaped each one.  With each step he thought out the lighting and fitting of each magical piece.

Suddenly, the Gate took shape.  Members of our group arrived to add many hours of painting and constructing.  On July 2nd, the final touches and constructing were accomplished.  Getting this huge masterpiece out of the garage was a project of it’s own.  As we lifted the creation to it’s standing position, it moaned and bent in places that it should not bend.  The gate was laid to rest in the yard as thoughts began to sound through the crowd.  Remember, this was a very exhausted group of thoughts sounding out loud!  But it was mastered.  Parts were removed, supports were added, and the lights were turned on.  It worked!!

As a sudden storm hit on July 3rd the gate was placed on the 18ft trailer (After minor adjustments to the sides of the trailer of course).  Breaths were held as the gate traveled the 20 miles to make its appearance.  Once there, again it was lifted, supported, and last year’s ship was added to the float.  This was done with the help of all crewmembers and the payoff was fantastic.  The float won 1st place in the Midnight parade, the crew looked fantastic, and everyone had a blast.

Of course, we all have ideas for next year’s ‘what can we do to look good and have fun’.  I’m not telling what that will be, but you can take bets that it will be lots of planning, work, and fun.  

Honorary Captains
By CMDR Roy Jackson

In the past, the Endeavour crew has pondered the fact that some ships have “Honorary Captains.”  This led us to ask such questions as “Where do you get honorary captains?” and “What is the procedure for acquiring an honorary captain?”  Well, as members from other ships began to fill in our knowledge gaps, we became even more interested in the prospect of getting a few honorary captains of our own.  As luck would have it, we were given the opportunity to not only acquire a few, but to shoot for one of the biggest of all, William Shatner. 

Once we knew we were working Vulkon in August, we went to work to develop strategies for approaching Sci-fi actors to see if they would do us the honor.

We went through the list of actors scheduled to appear, removed the names of actors who were already listed on other ships, and created some really sweet certificates to present to them. 

I had no problem approaching many of the stars, but I must say I was “Star Struck” when it came to William Shatner.  Since his is the name every trek fan knows, his greatness was too much for me.  Thank goodness, LTCDR Stacy Mulder was available to offer him the honorary position.  I do not think I could have done it.

Also, as a man in his mid-forties (close enough), I felt a little funny about asking the children who played Borg to be captains.  So, I was happy that my daughter, LTjg Misty Jackson volunteered to ask them.  By working the autograph room, she developed a sort of relationship with them and the parents as well.

So now, if anyone asks how to get honorary captains, tell them to ask the Endeavour.

Honorary Captains for the Endeavour

Adrea Thompson, Dean Haglund, Gary Lockwood, Keir Dullea

Malachi Throne, Marley McClean, Kurt and Cody Wetherill, Manu Interaymi

Tracy Scoggins (with CMDR Jackson and ENS Beane)


Cleveland Insights
By LTjg. Julie Mulder

I would have to say that the Cleveland Convention--Trek Con went very well. The USS Endeavour ran the convention security for Vulkon. Several of our staff received compliments, and I assume we are welcome to run security there again next year.

One of the perks of the black staff shirt is having close contact with the stars. Our group was able to get a professional photo with William Shatner. We told William Shatner that we would be honored if he would be Honorary Captain of our ship, and it was great when he accepted! Though the entire weekend was a blast, I have to say that the fun this group has together is my favorite part of being a member of the Endeavour!




The Physics of the Beast
By LTCDR Stacy Mulder

Scream.  A scream is the normal, human physiological response to plummeting down at the high speeds reached by modern roller coasters such as the King’s Island “Beast.” Why do humanoids scream? The answer lies in understanding the physics of the roller coaster.

The first “roller coaster” originated in Chekov’s Russian homeland in the seventeenth century. Those primitive coasters consisted of large ice blocks upon which fur had been placed as a seat for the rider. As the ice block slid down a hill, speed increased, and sand was spread at the bottom of the hill to stop the ice. Sleds with iron runners soon replaced ice blocks.

America’s own Coney Island was the home of the first U.S. roller coaster. This coaster was actually a switchback train that began running in 1884. By 1912, underfriction coasters had been developed; an underfriction design allows the coaster to move faster on steeper hills while still holding the coaster on the track.

Disneyland, of course, opened in 1955, and it is Disneyland that truly expanded the roller coaster to what we know today. Instead of building only wooden coasters, Disney brought us the first tubular steel coaster—the Matterhorn—in 1959. This steel coaster was a masterpiece in innovation. Generally, wooden coasters do not loop much, are not as tall or as fast, and do not have as long a track or very steep hills. Steel coasters, though, allow higher and steeper hills, bigger drops, loops, and of course—higher speeds.

Amazingly enough, no motors move a roller coaster around the track. Once a coaster car is pulled to the top of the first hill, the car completes the course all on its own by converting potential energy into kinetic energy—the energy of work.

Basically, then, a roller coaster is a free-fall ride that works because an object (the coaster car) is falling with constant acceleration. When the coaster car begins its first drop, gravity pulls the car. The acceleration rate is 9.81 meters per second squared; the only reason coaster riders aren’t injured during this free fall is because the track curves as it moves toward the ground.  

Several physical forces act upon the rider of a coaster. Centripetal force, or the force directed toward the center of a circle, occurs when coasters lean toward the center of a turn. This angling inward makes the coaster ride smoother.  Inertia also acts upon coaster riders. Inertia is part of Isaac Newton’s first law of motion: an object is motion continues in motion with constant velocity. When a moving coaster car makes a sudden sharp turn, the riders are jerked and jostled in the car because even though the car turns, the riders are still going in the original direction and at the same speed.  And—the riders SCREAM!

Finally—how are coasters kept on the track? In addition to the physics laws just described, coasters use several sets of wheels. One set of wheels keeps the car on the track during inversion. A separate set of running wheels guides the coaster. Lateral movement (from side to side) is controlled by a set of friction wheels.  It is compressed air brakes that stop the coaster at the end of the ride.

That’s our science briefing for this edition.

Mene Sakkhet Ur-Seveh


Ohio Convention
By LTjg Misty Jackson

I had a blast.  This was the first "Start Trek" convention I ever attended and I am turning into a true Trekkie!! 

I want to start watching so I can play the convention games and actually know the role of each star.  Everyone in the autograph room was great.  By the time the convention was over, we were on a first-name basis with most of them.

As far as security goes this time, I thought the members of the Vulkon staff were great.  They actually treated us as normal people and were just as relaxed as we were. I truly believe we were all more relaxed due to our awesome captain!  I hope we can go to the October Convention in Nashville.  Thanks!  

pki2.jpg (34685 bytes)  andy.jpg (46312 bytes)
Starfleet Command, IKEF,  and Starfleet Officers Club were three
of the groups represented at Paramount's Kings Island on Star Trek Day.

Star Trek Day at Paramount’s Kings Island
By CMDR Roy Jackson

In the past, I have said that some dates will go down in the record books.  August 1, 2004 will be one such date.  The first multi-fan event for all Star Trek fan clubs came together in a wonderful way.  Star Trek fans from all clubs were invited to participate in this event of fun, food and IDIC.

I cannot describe the sense of unity I felt as members from various fan clubs joined together in solidarity and companionship.  It was definitely a learning experience as members from various clubs discussed everything from geographic location, command structure, and basic philosophy.  Besides, it was a great savings.

I introduced designated speakers from each group in attendance. Their speeches covered everything from solidarity of fan clubs to the upcoming Starbase Indy Convention.  It was a real treat to have Admiral Zarcon from the IKEF speak of the upcoming alliance with Starfleet Command and Admiral Andy Sams talk about Starbase Indy.  The event also allowed the Admirals Sams the opportunity to pass out flyers for Starbase Indy.

At the conclusion of the speeches, trophies were awarded for the farthest driven (400 miles), best dressed (Starfleet Officers Club), and largest local unit in attendance (Starfleet Command).  Awarding the trophies became a group effort as well.  On the way to Kings Island, one of the trophies broke and members of the SOC had to glue it back together for me.

I was surprised when my crew presented me with the first ever “Endeavour Sensation” award, which left me speechless.  I am still in shock.  It was explained to me that the Admiralty Board has Ovation Awards, so the Endeavour will have Sensation Awards (another reference to the Time Warp).

After the Picnic, we returned with our families to the various shops, rides and games the park had to offer.  We stayed for the fireworks and eventually made the long trek home.

At the event, everyone said we have to do this again next year, so, after we got home, I e-mailed Joan Griffin, our Indiana contact for Kings Island.  It looks like next year it will go a lot smoother and this could become an annual event.  I am so proud to have been there for the first one.

Endeavour Birthdays


Helen Gustin

Christina New

Bridgette Alexander

Shannon Fritz

Lukus Stapleton


Mary Curry
Rembert Parker
Tere Rowland
Roy Jackson
Marisa Wells
Julie Mulder
Patrick Beane
Lexi Wehmanen
Sierra Wehmanen
Trenton Fritz
Kaylynn Upchurch


  Stacy Mulder

James Griffin

Heather Beane

Mayci Jackson

Allison Beckley

Endeavour Monthly Meetings and Yahoo Group

Unless otherwise stated on the our Yahoo Groups message board, the Endeavour monthly meetings will always be held on the third Sunday of each month at 1 pm at Reader Copies in the Cross Street Payless Plaza, Anderson, IN.

If you are not a member of the Endeavour message board, contact Roy Jackson at rjackson35@hotmail.com and give him your name and email address.  Once you are added, you will receive emails of all the postings and you can post messages yourself.  It is a great way to stay in touch with the rest of the crew.  


Vulkon Experience
By LT Cyndi Jackson

I found working security for Vulkon to be one of the most interesting experiences we have had.  Meeting the stars was absolutely awesome, but even more exciting was the people we worked with.  Many of our group went totally out of their way to make this work.  And work it certainly did! 

Fifteen of us attended and just that made the event pretty terrific.  As the group pulled together, we stood out with pride.  We met many stars but more important, we formed many friendships with stars and stargazers. 

The Vulkon people were both helpful and friendly.  Joe, Fernando, and Bruce did a wonderful job in making this convention a truly memorable event and the Vulkon staff was great.  They treated us with interest that soon seemed to be respect and then friendship.  They were very organized, friendly, and had a sense of humor that we all appreciated.  Working with them was great and the off-duty fun was an experience in itself.  I do believe we bonded and I can’t wait for the next event, which may be Nashville in October. 

“Thank you” to all those who participated in making this a wonderful chapter in the history of the USS Endeavour.  

Our First Fundraiser
By LT Lisa Wehmanen

On Saturday, July 31, the USS Endeavour held it's first fund-raiser.  It was a cookout at Cox's grocery store in Alexandria, IN. 

The crew had a blast both buying and selling.  It was not an emotional experience, but we did have a lot of teary eyes from all the smoke. 

We sold hamburgers for  $1, cheeseburgers for $1.25, and hot dogs and pop for 50 cents each. 

Cox’s furnished the grill, cooler and the condiments and supplied everything else at cost.  We started at 11am and three hours later the Endeavour made a profit of $181.83.  This is more than enough to pay for our Small Town USA booth and our Christmas party this year.  Hopefully next year we can do it again.

The crew of the Endeavour wishes to thank Cox’s grocery store for giving us our first opportunity to actually raise money for the ship.


The Holodeck has been devoted to simple activities for midshipmen. However, this quarter’s activity will be a little more involved. Announcing the…

Starbase 06 Science Fair 2004

One of Starbase 06’s goals for this year is to provide activities for the midshipmen of Starfleet-Command. As a result, Starbase 06 will be holding its first “Science Fair” which will be open to any children ages 6 –18.

Categories for the Science Fair 2004 will be: Engineering; Medical; Biology; Oceanography; Genetics; Astronomy; Geology; Physics; Seismology; Botany; Meteorology; and Chemistry.

Exact details and rules/regulations will be provided on the Starbase 06 website http://starbase06.starfleet-command.com after August 25, 2004 including downloadable applications for Science Fair 2004 participants.  The deadline for the Science Fair 2004 (when judging will take place) will be at the Starbase Indy Convention in Indianapolis this November. This is a chance for families to interact with each other and share the Star Trek Experience together.

If you have questions regarding Science Fair 2004, please contact Starbase 06 First Officer, RADM Gary Bartle at mindbender_2@hotmail.com.