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Time Warp

“…beyond friendship,…beyond family”

The Newsletter for the USS Endeavour NCC-1508
Starbase 06, Quadrant One, Starfleet Command

Issue No 3

May 2004

From the Captain’s Chair
CMDR Roy Jackson

I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but it has been another busy quarter for the Endeavour.  Members have made multiple trips to Ohio for Teen TV, we won a trophy in another parade, and one of our members was a key player in the Save Enterprise campaign.  I am keeping the intro vague so the authors of the articles inside can give you all the details in their own words.

My congratulations go out to all the Cadets who made  Ensign  (too numerous to mention),   to Misty Jackson for her promotion to LT junior grade, to Stacy Mulder for her promotion to Lt Commander, and to Mark Williams for his promotion to Major in the Marine Corps division.  Oh yeah, I am Commander now.  Stacy is to receive dual congrats because she is now Acting Deputy Chief of Personnel for Starfleet Command. 

Our little fan club has grown to the point that we are now the largest ship in all of Quadrant One.  This has caused some concern from other SFC members who have suggested that we split into multiple ships of a more manageable size.  Therefore, I am inviting all members who may wish to command their own ship to approach the Command Staff.  We can explain the roles of command and get them started.  However, I am in no way asking anyone to leave.  I love being a part of this ship and everyone on it is like family to me.

Remember, our main goals are to promote the philosophy of Star Trek, help the community, and have fun.  As a club, I am counting on you, the members, to hold true to these goals and make the Endeavour the best ship in Starfleet Command.

Buffy Con
Ltjg Rob Irwin

There is only one word to sum up BuffyCon, WOW! It was great. Sorry I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

It was around Christmas when I called the good captain to wish him and his family a Merry Christmas. That's when he told me that some of the members of the Endeavour were going to work security at the April Buffy Con in Ohio. Being a big fan of the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," I was excited. That's understating it.  I was like a little schoolgirl meeting Ricky Martin for the first time. I was jumping on the couch and...that's another story.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, April came around and I was just as excited as before, especially now that I knew all the stars who were going to be there. The witty Xander, played by Nicolas Brendan, the wise and musically talented Giles, played by Anthony Stewart Head, the beautiful and funnily evil Harmony, played by Mercedes Mcnab, the evil robot/ demon/ human Adam, played by George Hertzberg, and the man from another dimension, the Groosalug, played by Mark Lutz. I'm almost done stay with me. The love of Gile's life Ms. Jenny Calendar, played by Robia Lamorte. And finally, last but certainly not least, the beautiful girl from the show "Firefly," Morena Baccarin.  Many of these stars came to the birthday party we threw for our midshipman, Dylan Hollingworth.

That was a mouthful. Now, on to the convention. We hopped into the "Monster," (For those of you who don't know, that's the big green van), and headed on a five-hour journey to Cleveland, Ohio. It was worth it. When we made it, I was astounded by all the Buffy merchandise.  There was a whole room full of Buffy plates, movies, pictures, and swords.  It was amazing.

The convention was full of stuff. There was an art room with a plethora of beautiful pictures, some of which are on display in LT Cyndi's living room. There were photo sessions with the stars, autograph signings, and episode showings (which included the ever-famous Buffy musical). They had a costume contest and even had a Hollywood Squares game. There was just a lot of interesting stuff.

The stars each gave a presentation. I thought Mark Lutz was the funniest. I managed to get a peek on Anthony Stewart Head's presentation when I was on duty. He is really British.  You don't really see that side of him on the show.

Oh man, I could go on for hours about seeing the stars. It was a really amazing experience. If you have the chance, go to a Buffy Con, even if you don't watch the show. It's a fun getaway.    That’s it for this article.  As always, if you want me, I’ll be in the Jefferies Tube.

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Kennedy Space Center
LT Cyndi Jackson

While vacationing in Florida I seized the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center.  With three other USS Endeavour members, I planned for only a quick stop.  However, this became an all-day experience that will not be forgotten.  There was a small admission fee, but the experience was well worth it.

Upon arrival, each of us received the required badge to begin our journey.  We immediately found ourselves exploring the past, present, and future accomplishments of mankind.  We participated in tours, IMAX Space Films, launch information, life in space, and many hands-on discoveries.  We got to wear an astronaut’s helmet, experience what it feels like to walk on the moon, and get in an actual shuttle pod (I think that is what it is called). 

I would suggest not riding in the G-force machine that allows you to experience gravity at five times that of normal earth unless you have a strong stomach.  One of our group members actually got sick and I felt pretty bad for a long time afterwards.

It was exciting to see the huge tanks that take the actual space shuttle over to the launch pad.  I had no idea how really big that equipment is.

The information of America’s launchings is awesome but to actually see such endeavors in progress is incredible.  This is definitely a great place to visit.  Perhaps we could get our CO to plan a Star Trek Day in Florida!


LT Lisa Wehmanen

The USS Endeavour held it’s first annual Endeavour Easter Extravaganza on Saturday, April 3, 2004.  The pitch-in / Easter egg hunt was held at the home of Jim and Vickie Griffin.   

What first seemed to be a small crowd grew and grew as late arrivals continued to pour in with containers of food.  There was a large variety of food and deserts and no one went away hungry.  Someone made the comment that “the Endeavour sure knows how to throw a pitch-in,” and this event proved it.

After the meal, we noticed the Easter Bunny had visited the expansive yard of the Griffins.  The kids hunted for 250+ eggs.  A few of the eggs “got away” with help from Corey Hollingsworth and some fishing line.  Most of the eggs were filled with candy, but some were filled with prize tickets.  All of the children went home with lots of candy and a prize of some sort.

Obviously, everyone had a great time.  There was so much fellowship we found it difficult to hold a meeting.  With over 55 people in attendance, we’ll have a hard time out-doing ourselves next year.  Some of the people in attendance were guests when they arrived, but four of them left as new members of the USS Endeavour.  A big “Thank You!!” goes out to our gracious hosts who have invited us back next year, and heartfelt “Welcome” to our new members.

Star Trek Day at Kings Island
(An Endeavour Endeavor)
CMDR Roy Jackson

August 1, 2004 will be STAR TREK DAY at Paramount’s Kings Island.  Tickets must be preordered by July 23rd to receive the Star Trek discount and all-you-can-eat buffet.

As you know from our last newsletter, members of the Endeavour were invited to the SOC Awards Banquet in Cincinnati on January 18, 2004.  At that meeting, I asked the main admiral, Admiral Hurley, how close we were to Kings Island and he stated we were only ten minutes away.  I was in a Star Trek uniform discussing Kings Island when it hit me that we should have a Star Trek Day at Kings Island.  It made perfect sense since Paramount owns both.  My thought was that if it were presented as a multi-fan based event with no one organization inviting all the others, no group would feel another was overshadowing them.  I discussed it with Admiral Hurley in detail and he was all for it.

My next step was to contact Kings Island.  This was difficult because I didn’t know if they even had a web site.  Well, I found their website and searched all through it to find someone with whom I could discuss the idea.  I found one possible contact and sent an email.

Two weeks later, I received an email from Nikki Stoller with all kinds of questions.  After discussing it with Fleet Admiral Bischoff and getting his approval, I responded to the email and explained my idea.

A month later, I received an email from Joan Griffith, the Indiana contact for Paramount’s Kings Island.  She sent me her phone number so I called her.  Joan was very courteous and also extremely helpful.  She offered me the great rate we have and the all-you-can-eat buffet as well.  We had to hold off a few weeks because I wanted to call the event “Star Trek Day,” and that required permission.  Joan stated that Kings Island was very enthusiastic about the event.  They set up an on-line account to accept payments and promised that we would get the facilities to accommodate all the people who prepay for tickets.

I had to sign a contract for a minimum of one hundred prepaid guests. This means that if less than one hundred people buy tickets; I have to pay the difference.  This is really good because you usually have to sign for at least two hundred guests. Since that time, I have notified every Star Trek fan club I can find and I have received a great response from Starfleet Command, Starfleet Officers Club, Starfleet International, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Empire, and Maquis Forces International.  If you know of any organizations I have missed, please email me at and I will contact them as soon as possible.

For more information about this event and to download the application, go to


“Red sky at night,
Sailors’ delight.
Red sky at morning,

Sailors take warning.” When I was a little girl, my father often quoted that old “red sky” saying and swore by the truth of it.  On the morning of the deadly spree of Palm Sunday tornadoes, he observed this red sky phenomenon out on the farm in Middletown, Indiana.  He warned my grandmother to fill containers with water and have them sitting by the door to the cellar, along with blankets and the other, usual emergency supplies. He rightly predicted that horrendous weather on Palm Sunday.  But how much accuracy is there in predicting the weather based upon what the heavenly bodies do?  That’s our topic for this science brief!

Believe it or not, the “red sky” method of weather forecasting does have some merit.  Red sunsets in northern climates do indicate good weather, while red colors seen at sunrise often come from the scattering of light caused by cirrus clouds at the front of an approaching storm.

The “red sky” rhyme originates in Mathew 16:2 as Christ says: “When it is evening, you say, ‘The weather will be fair, for the sky is red.’ And in the morning you say: ‘It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and lowering.’”

What about those rings of light—those halos—we sometimes see around the moon or sun?  Don’t those have something to do with incoming weather?  Sometimes, yes. Just before the blizzard in New York in 2003, a large, bright ring surrounded our moon, and several callers to News 12 Weathercast in New York were quick to tell station meteorologists that because of the presence of that halo, they knew a lot of snow was coming.  Right they were!

The halo that these New York residents saw is something that forms when ice crystals high in the atmosphere (above 26,000 feet) are lit by sunlight or moonlight.  The crystals are suspended within cirrostratus clouds that usually appear before a warm rain.  A halo in warm weather can often indicate a long, slow rain day starting in about 12 to 20 hours. And of course, if that halo appears during winter, that long, slow rain is going to be—you guessed it—snow!

A farmer comes into the kitchen around 11 p.m. and tells his family: “Get ready for bad weather; there’s no Beehive tonight!”  Beehive?  What’s a beehive got to do with the sky and the weather?

Well, the Beehive is a star cluster--a misty patch of light known as Praesepe.  There are hundreds of little stars in this cluster appearing within the constellation Cancer.  When icy cirrus clouds appear, they dim the Beehive even when the brighter starts, sun, and moon seem clear to us.  So when the Beehive is absent, stormy weather may be on the way.

It’s a crisp, cold winter night.  You are certain that the weather is perfect for using that telescope you just got for Christmas; the sky is clear and filled with thousands of twinkling stars.  Nope!!  ‘Fraid not!  Actually, somewhat hazy summer nights when fewer stars are visible are better times for stargazing.  The cold air of winter is often full of varying pockets and layers that make the stars appear to twinkle; getting a good, accurate look at those stars isn’t always easy!  The same thing happens after a storm in summer.  So keep those telescopes capped until two to four days after that summer storm!

So there’s our science briefing for this edition.  Enjoy your summer, enjoy the stars, and look out for halos, dim Beehives, and red morning skies!

Mene Sakkhet Ur-Seveh


Upcoming Birthdays

birthdaycake.JPG (44785 bytes)


Cynthia J. Jackson
Mark Williams
Joshua D. Williams
Tyler Reynolds
Katie Hartwell
Jonathan Henson
Breten J. Watson
Adriana J. Simon


Beverly Parker
Richard Beane

Lisa Wehmanen
Melissa Jo Hollingsworth
Bradley E. Holden
Joni Holman
Jessica Beane
Arrin Nicholas


Jim Rowland
Tracy J. Beckley
Rachel Rowland
Corey Hollingsworth
Mercedez R. Ringer

News from the Front
Major Mark Williams (M&M)

Well, first the good news!! Enterprise will not be canceled due, in a large part, to and the letter writing campaign.

Now, you get the bad news. Next year’s renewal will depend on ratings only, said Mr. Leslie Moonves, president and CEO of CBS TV. Letter writing campaigns would not affect the outcome.

Much thought is going into what we can do to help improve ratings over the coming season, the first being to get UPN on more places, as it’s hard to compete when the show is not available everywhere against shows that are.

For those of you who don’t know, I am fatheadcookie from the forum and I run the yahoo group there. Around two months ago Tim / Picard from the Art Asylum forum yelled at me in a IM and asked if I would be interested in helping out with a little project that he was working on. That little project turned out to be It might have started small, but it grew at an alarming rate, thanks mostly to Tim’s hard work at getting the word out. Once he told me what he was after I went to work posting all night here, there, everywhere!! Some might remember my Sunday morning break down I had with the email to Tim!

I guess Tim thought he could trust me, so I took over the yahoo group and became the main Moderator for the saveenterprise message board. I host the saveenterprise chat twice a week. I also read through the largest part of the topics posted to the forum for content, language, personal attacks, proper placement of topics and so on. I also answer questions through PMs and the yahoo group. I seem to have lived on the computer these last two months when I have been home from work. It has been more work than I ever imagined it would be, but it has also been a great deal of fun, too. I have got to know Tim much better and have come to find that he is a real great guy who just loves Enterprise and wants Star Trek to go on. I have been invited to chat with stars and have even been a chat guest!! Little old me from Indiana--I’m chatting with a star and being guest chatter somewhere else. Ok--Tim was the real guest--but he wanted me there too. I’m getting tons of email each day--almost more than I want--thanking me and saying “great job.”  I feel that I really did something here.

Now that Enterprise will be on next season, some have wondered about the future of the saveenterprise site. I can tell you as one who knows from the inside that the site will go on.

  Plans are underway to make changes and make it a more general Trek site. We will have news sections and more after the changes are in place. Still right now it’s a pretty fun place to go and check out the crazy posts that you find there. If you have never been to it I encourage you to check it out: then click the forum link.

I am hoping that I can get Star Fleet Command to team up with Saveenterprise as I consider both to be my groups and I would love to see them work together for the continuation of Star Trek.

SFC could help saveenterprise with its goals, and with over 5 million hits to the saveenterprise site since the end of March, the site could help SFC find new members and ways to get involved.

On the collecting front, the new Polar Lights NX-01 is out!! This bad boy is HUGE with over 200 parts!! I hope you got some time to spare. It can be purchased for around 39.95 mail order if you know where to look, and I do. Just ask and I will get you the address.

The Polar Lights Enterprise A will be out in the fall. Since it’s in the same scale as the NX-01, guess what: it’s REALLY HUGE at almost 3’ long and 18” wide. Clean off the table; we’re going to need room!!

That’s all for now. If anyone wants to know anything about saveenterprise or how he or she can get more involved, let me know.

And here are Scott Bakula's coments about saveenterprise:

The response has been incredible. The help that we've gotten from SaveEnterprise, the faxing the e-mailing, the letter-writing, all of that stuff that people have contributed, the positive response we've felt all year on the Internet, the USA Today poll, the positive response we've felt all season from the fans and the press, for the most part, helped sway the network and largely contributed to our fourth season. So I can't say thank you enough to everyone for supporting us this year."

- Scott Bakula, STARTREK.COM Chat May 26th, 2004

Star Trek Fan Forum
CMDR Roy Jackson

tvgroup.JPG (124101 bytes)

The Starfleet Officers Club, in conjunction with SOC Entertainment, produces a television show called “Star Trek Fan Forum” at local station DATV in Dayton, Ohio. On March 28, 2004, members of the Endeavour crew appeared on their program to explain Star Trek fandom from a different point of view.

The show was divided into two parts.  Part one included Roy Jackson, Mark Williams, Stacy Mulder, Rob Irwin, and Corey Hollingsworth along with SOC members, Doug Batson, Mark Garvin, and Warren Kidd.  Part two included, along with Roy and Rob, Lisa, Lexi, and Sierra Wehmanen.  James Schwartzfeggar replaced Warren, from the SOC. 

Doug Batson, the host, asked us many cold questions, which makes it difficult to think of a good response, especially in front of TV cameras.  Some of the questions included “What does it mean to be a Star Trek fan?” and “What do you do as a Star Trek fan club member?”  Other questions were more personal, like “Do you like wearing the uniform? And “How does it help you to be a fan?”

On a very positive note, I was able to mention Starbase Indy coming in November, Starfleet Command’s 30th Anniversary, our alliance with the House Ha’Dar, and I gave out our web address.

There were many other discussions and comments that are too numerous to mention in one article, but if anyone would like a copy of the show, get a blank tape to me, Commander Roy Jackson, and I will make you a copy.  Seeing Sierra dressed and acting as a Vulcan is worth more than the price of a tape.

shriners4th.jpg (74019 bytes)

The Shriner’s Little 500 Parade
LT Cyndi Jackson

On May 15, 2004, the USS Endeavour participated in the Shriner’s Little 500 Parade.  Our plans were to thank the Madison County Shiner’s group for the assistance they have provided for one of our younger members as well as to many of the children in the Madison County area.  The Shriner’s provide free operations for children to help them lead a more normal life.  Without the Shriner’s help, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for many of these children to receive these services.

To show our gratitude for such service, a float was designed. 

Our theme was “Don’t Dream It, Be It”.  All participating members were asked to use their imagination and dreams to establish a personal role in the parade.  The float was then designed as a magical forest with many fairies to grant such dreams

On parade day members arrived as princesses, fleet captains, Fairy Godmothers, a Mermaid, a dragon, a peasant, a rocker, and even Marylyn Monroe.  Endeavour members paraded through downtown Anderson with pride as a thank you to the Shiner’s.  They carried out their various roles by riding and waiving, walking and throwing candy, carrying signs, or presenting our banner.  INSIGHT TV recorded the event and aired it twice.

After the parade, all 38 participating members met for lunch at the Shriner’s Headquarters.  To our surprise, we were awarded a large trophy.  Along with this, we were asked to participate in next year’s parade.  And yes, we will be there, and hopefully be even bigger and better!!


Endeavour Teens on TV!
LTjg Julie Mulder

Several of us teens from the USS Endeavour are enjoying a wonderful experience—the chance to be on television.  In cooperation with SOC Entertainment of Dayton, Ohio, we Endeavour teens have been filming a PBS TV program—and having the time of our lives.

The big green bus—still awaiting its christening—has made one of the trips to Dayton now, loaded with Endeavour members, snacks, sleeping bags, and lots of laughs.  Endeavour teens recently involved in working on the TeenTV program with Dayton’s Starfleet Officer’s Club include: Patrick Beane, Cory Hollingsworth, Dylan Hollingsworth, Bobby Irwin,  Julie Mulder, and

Lexi Wehmanen.  Accompanied by Cyndi Jackson, Roy Jackson, and Lisa Wehmanen, we have traveled to Dayton and filmed background segments for the TeenTV program.

Several fun and educational activities have been provided as the backdrops for these background segments. We have played football and gone bowling.  We have visited an early America historical park, a miniature golf park, an arcade, played in bumper boats, and gone to the Dayton Air Force Museum.

The Teen TV talk show is a show where we can get together and talk about issues that we have to deal with as teens today.  The topics to be discussed so far are: Drunk Driving, Death, Parents, Grief, Teen Suicide, Drugs, and Peer Pressure.  TeenTV will be providing the help information for these teen issues at the end of the program that the issues appear in.  Hopefully, watching the show will encourage teens in trouble to speak out and get the help they need.

While all of this filming has been undertaken pro bono—free—there is a chance that a grant will allow us eventually to receive paychecks for our participation.  We have been set up with TeenTV e-mail addresses—so we can receive our loads of fan mail—and we have been provided with business cards.

We wish a big “Good Luck” to Bobby Irwin.  Bobby will be undertaking the acting challenge of being in a TV romance on the teen talk show.  Bobby is paired up with Stephanie--one of the cast members from Dayton.  Bobby is going where no teen has gone before because no one else from the Endeavour volunteered for this romance set-up!  Good Luck, Bobby, and have fun!

The tentative filming dates for the summer are as follows:

June 9 and 16-filming from 11 until 3
July 7 and 21
August 4 and 18

Once school starts up again in the fall, filming will be on the second Saturday of each month, mostly in the studio.

Congratulations, Endeavour teens!!!!

Command Staff USS Endeavour


Commanding Officer

CMDR Roy Jackson

First Officer/Chief Science Officer

LTCDR Stacy Mulder
Second Officer/Chief of Operations LT Lisa Wehmanen
Chief Engineering Officer

LTjg Robert Irwin

Chief Security Officer ENS Josh Williams
Chief Medical Officer

LT Cyndi Jackson

Chief Communications Officer LTjg Julie Mulder
Chief Marine Officer MAJ Mark Williams
Chief Search & Rescue Officer ENS Lora Holman

The officers and crew of the USS Endeavour welcome you and invite you to join us.  Drop by one of our meetings anytime, and visit our website for more information and to contact the members

The USS Endeavour is a registered not-for-profit organization
affiliated with Starfleet Command.

The First Endeavour

Captain James Cook’s voyage around the world in the Endeavour made many crucial contributions to astronomy, geography and navigation.  But it was also the first British voyage to have a group of natural scientists on board.  The wealth of advances in knowledge made by this team set a precedent for future explorations.

The official reason that the Royal Society of London and the Navy wanted the Endeavour to sail to the south Pacific was to observe the eclipse to the Sun by the planet Venus.  Measurements made from observing the eclipse would make navigation at sea easier.

The eclipse to the Sun by the planet Venus:
Last occurrence:  June 1769
Next occurrence:  June 2004

Upcoming Events

July 2-4, 2004

InConJunction XXIV at the Sheraton Hotel in Indianapolis.
Located at Keystone at the Crossing.  The Starfleet Command meeting will be held July 4th and all Endeavour Members are urged to attend.

July 3, 2004

The Midnight Parade in downtown Anderson, Indiana.
This year’s theme is “America United.”  We have chosen to elaborate on this theme and add the words, “Past, Present and Future.”
If you have any suggestions or wish to be in the parade, contact a member of the command staff.

July 31, 2004

The Endeavour will hold its first fundraiser at Cox’s Supermarket in Alexandria, Indiana.
Hamburgers and drinks served through lunch.  Cox’s has offered to allow us to set up additional tables for craft and bake sales.

August 1, 2004

Star Trek Day at Paramount’s Kings Island
Order your tickets early, especially if you are applying through the US Postal Service.
Deadline for ticket purchases is July 23, 2004 and no tickets for this event will be sold at the gate.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have any information concerning an upcoming family event that is free or inexpensive, contact any Command Staff member and they will get the message to all members.

Endeavour Monthly Meetings and Yahoo Group

Unless otherwise stated on the our Yahoo Groups message board, the Endeavour monthly meetings will always be held on the third Sunday of each month at 1 pm at Reader Copies in the Cross Street Payless Plaza, Anderson, IN.

If you are not a member of the Endeavour message board, contact Roy Jackson at and give him your name and email address.  Once you are added, you will receive emails of all the postings and you can post messages yourself.  It is a great way to stay in touch with the rest of the crew.

If you need copies of the Starfleet Command Application click HERE.


The Endeavour Needs Some Color!

Have your parents save and print out the picture below.  Color the Endeavour with markers, colored pencils or crayons and give your picture to any command staff member.  If your picture is chosen as the best entry, your name will be announced in the next newsletter.