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The Newsletter for the USS Endeavour NCC-1508


Star Base 06 Quadrant 01


                                                          November 2003

Our Endeavour Begins...


From the Captain’s Chair

Well, September 6, 2003 will be a day to remember.  Our commissioning was a rousing success and everyone had a great time.  I must say we hit the ground running with the addition of 27 new members.  We are now just over two months old, have 67 members, and hold the status of Heavy Cruiser. As a ship, we are strong, stable, and committed.  As a club, we are resourceful, flexible, and enthusiastic.  As people, what can I say?  I have never been more proud than to be associated with any group than I am with the USS Endeavour.

But, we must remain focused on our primary goal: the new goal that came with the new ship.  We must, above all else, have fun. I am counting on you, the crew, to have fun and tell each other what is fun for you.  If everyone has input, then everyone will have a good time.

It is an honor to serve you.

LTCDR Roy Jackson


     “It was the best of times, it was...,” well, it WAS the best of times!  On September 6, 2003, the USS Endeavour NCC-1508 was commissioned, and it was indeed the “start of something big.”

    Following the monthly meeting of the Starfleet Command Admiralty Board at the home of FADM Mark Bischoff, members of the USS Endeavour were treated to something very special—a send-off in the home and presence of the Fleet’s top brass. 

     Big grins and hearty handshakes—and yes, lots of hugs—accompanied the commissioning of Starfleet Command’s newest starship with a twenty-one member crew complement.  Congratulations were offered all around on the start of the new unit, and more accolades followed as several members received promotions, including that of our CO, Roy Jackson, who was promoted to Lieutenant Commander (yes, he was surprised!).

    Perhaps the biggest surprise, though, came from the Endeavour members themselves, as literally handfuls of new member applications were handed over following the official commissioning.  By the end of the afternoon, the Endeavour had more than doubled its original roll, and the crew couldn’t be more pleased.

    The USS Endeavour is proud to be among the ranks of the Fleet and pledges to do its utmost to uphold the philosophy of Starfleet-Command and follow the much-appreciated advice offered by the Admiralty Board.  With all ship’s functions online and ready, the Endeavour is indeed ready to... engage!



       Alexandria’s Small Town Festival, October 3-5, started as a little dribble and ended with a big blast!  A little rain the first night never held any of our crew at bay.  The ship U. S. S.  ENDEAVOUR NCC-1508 flew in the next morning to have its picture taken with patrons.  Photo options included shots with our Chief of Search and Rescue (Lora Holman) as a KLINGON warrior or our First Officer (Stacy Mulder) as a VULCAN (ambassador or WOK’s Valeris).      

Our quadrant (booth) also included an array of items from our docking bay: a huge shipment of cookies, brownies, Lucky Bamboo, and wreaths went up for sale.  Use of the Replicator helped make bags of candy for the children who came aboard.  Our resident Klingon brought immense honor to herself and her ship as she claimed THREE new crew members, the New family.  Impulse power kicked us all into warp drive on the last day of the festival when we offered face painting.     

All and all, we learned a lot from the expedition, but most of all we had a bunch of fun!

Endeavour forever!
be' QaT  (Be' Qatlh)
Lora Holman


            On October 25, members of the USS Endeavour met at The Caboose with her allies from the IKV Chapel for a charity event to benefit Anderson’s In as Much food kitchen.

            We all know that Trek enthusiasts often turn out to be multi-talented people, but what we didn’t know was just how wide and varied those talents are!  The Klingon Karaoke night proved to be a showcase for the hidden vocal and performing talents from both ships as we celebrated Roy Jackson’s birthday as well as did a good deed for a worthy organization.  Supplied with a huge array of songs, superb equipment, lots of encouragement, good food, and a selection of Trek aperitifs that would do Ten-Forward proud, participants provided some acts that caused others from the community to peer in the windows in amazement. Garbed in Vulcan attire (complete with ears), Klingon ridges, and an assortment of Starfleet uniforms, alliance members joined family and friends in rousing renditions of such favorites as “You’re So Vain” and “Kryptonite.”  And the singing was not the only talent displayed, by the way; the dance accompanying “The Time Warp”—performed by the entire Endeavour complement—was a sight never to be forgotten or equaled in space annals!  

To those who have not yet experienced the thrill of publicly singing a song that you have dedicated to a friend (or to a spider), we extend an invitation to attend the next Klingon Karaoke night. It will be an evening not soon forgotten; we’ll save a Bajoran Warpsled or a Betazoid M.O. just for you!



    Cadet Christina Stapleton hosted the USS Endeavour’s first Halloween party on October 31.What a joy it was to come together and try to guess the identities of both crew members and potential crew members! There’s no question that the Endeavour midshipmen were geared up for a good time on this Halloween; just look at the radiant faces!

“I’ll be looking for YOU next Halloween!”

    The rainy weather didn’t stop adults and kids alike from having a great time enjoying each other’s company and cashing in on the sweets and treats available in the neighborhood.

And then there were the goodies supplied by member contributions as well—too many and too good to name them all--but let’s just say that we all loved our “mummies” that night!  A big thanks to all who came and all who worked to make the event a success.  Will we be ready for a repeat performance next year?



Sickbay Communiqué


The seasons are changing and the flu bug is among us.  Health concerns will be everyone’s focus this winter.  However, I believe there will be fewer risks for our crew than for the general public.  Why will we be any different?  We have fun.  This crew has the gift of laughter that brings with it, reduced stress. 

Stress can lead to many illnesses. Did you know that 75% of all doctor visits are due to illness caused by emotional stress?  Stress can cause headache, back pain, heart problems, upset stomach, accidents, slower recovery time – the list goes on.  Of course, a small amount of stress is healthy.  However, why take risks?  Instead, try to manage your stress with techniques of exercise, aromatherapy (stop and smell the roses!), meditation, and most of all, laughter.  Should anyone need assistance with the fun or laughter technique, contact any USS ENDEAVOUR member, attend an event, or become a member.  Actually all three would be most welcome!  Hope to see you soon.


LTjg Cyndi Jackson,
Chief Medical Officer

News from the Front 

For those of you who collect items such as the Art Asylum Star Trek figures, Meijer is the only brick and mortar store to carry the new figures. The Enterprise figures were such poor sellers that Walmart, Kmart, etc., refused to carry the classic set. Online sales have been so great that Meijer decided to take a chance. The first wave of the classic figures includes Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, and Kahn. In my opinion,  the set is a lot of bang for the buck. Meijer is also carrying the Art Asylum Classic Phaser and the Enterprise 1701 A. The Phaser breaks apart to make the smaller mini Phaser. The ship has three sounds and a light up bridge, engines, and deflector. The figures sell at $9.95 each, the Phaser goes for $22.95, and the Enterprise is priced at$19.95. For those of you who like to buy online, I suggest www. Newforcecomics.com. You will not find better deals. Due to the success of the Wave One figures, Art Asylum has announced that the Wave Two figures are a go, with a release date of around February, 2004! Newforcecomics.com is taking preorders now. Wave Two figures are scheduled to contain one of the following 7" scale figures, MOC: Kirk as seen in "Mirror, Mirror,” Spock as seen in "Mirror, Mirror,” Scotty, Chekov, and Sulu. The set will be priced at $44.95 at Newforcecomics.com.                 

      On a totally separate note of importance, the United Federations of Planets are threatening a missive blockade and possible military force in their pursuit to stop the Orion slave trade. The government of the Orion home world has called a meeting with the Federation Council to argue its case, but I do not believe it will help. I expect a full deployment within three weeks. I will keep you informed. 

LT Mark Williams
Chief of Marines



Winter will soon arrive—a time when all good Vulcans take ship for the warmth of home.  For those of us who remain here, however, cold weather will become an every day companion, along with the static electricity that greets us indoors at frequent intervals.  Remember walking across the living room to answer the door and getting a mild shock?  That’s static electricity—our topic for this month’s science briefing.

To understand static electricity, we should first remember a little about magnets and atoms.  Matter is composed of atom; inside those atoms we find protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons have a positive charge, electrons have a negative charge, and neutrons have no charge.  Generally speaking, opposite charges attract each other, and similar charges repel each other.  It is a law of nature and physics that objects tend toward balance most of the time, meaning that charges are equalized in objects and there is no noticeable charge at all.  Most objects are neutral, in other words.

We run into static electricity when the positive and negative charges are no longer equal.  Excess charges accumulate on the surfaces of things and wait for a method of release or discharge. One way that these excess charges can be discharged is through simple friction. If you rub your shoe or slipper on the carpet, for example, that rubbing action can make negative charges (electrons) relocate themselves from the carpet to your shoe.  The electrons stick to your shoe until you touch something, such as a lamp switch, or a pet, or the metal knob on the front door.  The shock you feel at the time of the touch is the release of extra electrons that have built up on you!  In cold weather, the air in many indoor locations becomes considerably drier as a result of heating.  The lack of humidity then allows a quicker and more pronounced electron buildup—and more “static shocks!”

There’s our science briefing for this edition.  A free candy bar to the first person who e-mails the author of this column with the correct meaning for the title of the science column!

Mene Sakkhet Ur-Seveh
LTjg. Stacy Mulder, FO/CSO

Shipmate Birthdays

November—Allison Beckley, Mayci Jackson, Stacy Mulder

December—Athena Holman, Bob Tumulty

January—Devin New, Alea Nicholas, Darrin Nicholas

Upcoming Events

December 6Endeavour Christmas Party, 3:30. At VFW on State Road 9 in Alexandria. Check e-mail and Yahoo Endeavour group for info on food. Adults should bring a cheap, wrapped gift for adult exchange.

December 21—regular ship meeting, 2:00 at Reader Copies by Cross Street Payless.

January 18—regular ship meeting, 2:00 at Reader Copies by Cross Street Payless.


Command Staff USS Endeavour

Commanding Officer
LTCDR Roy Jackson

First Officer/Chief Science Officer
LTjg Stacy Mulder

Second Officer/Chief of Operations
LTjg Lisa Wehmanen

Chief Engineering Officer
ENS Robert Irwin

Chief Security Officer
CDT Josh Williams

Chief Medical Officer
LTjg Cyndi Jackson

Chief Communications Officer
ENS Julie Mulder

Chief Marine Officer
LT Mark Williams

Chief Search & Rescue Officer
CDT Lora Holman


The officers and crew of the USS Endeavour welcome you and invite you to join us.  Drop by one of our meetings anytime, and visit our website for more information and to contact the members.



  The USS Endeavour is a registered not-for-profit organization affiliated with Starfleet Command.

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Star Trek Crossword


2        last name of the Endeavour Marine Chief AND Security Chief

3        the most famous Star Trek Vulcan

4        the most famous Star Trek Klingon

5        Captain Archer's dog

8        last name of the Endeavour CO

9        Vulcan on Star Trek Enterprise

10     last name of the Endeavour Search & Rescue Chief


1        last name of the Endeavour Chief Medical Officer

4        last name of the Endeavour Operations Chief

6        engineer on original Star Trek show

7        last name of the Endeavour Communications Chief