The Glorious History of House Ha’Dar

In the time of Kahless the Unforgettable--in the time of Glorious Battles--a great army was gathering around Kahless in his battle to overthrow the Tyrant Molor. This gathering represented the first Klingon Civil War, and it was a war to unite the Klingon people.

Of the many followers of Kahless, one rose through the ranks of this great army. This warrior became one of the greatest Generals in the service of the Emperor of the Klingon Empire. This warrior’s name was Mek'toq. For his loyalty to Kahless during the civil war, Mek’toq was granted lands south of what would be known as the First City. On these lands he began to build House Ha'Dar. He swore on the day that the House was finished, that this house would be a honorable Marine House loyal to Emperor Kahless.

Soon after, Mek'toq took a mate. His mate was a daughter of House Chu'thar. After he and his mate were married, he was given a position on the High Council. His mate gave birth to a son. His name was K'uov. K'uov followed in his father's path and joined the Klingon Marines. He became a great and honorable Marine. When he was promoted to Marine Colonel, he also took a mate from a less powerful house that wished for an alliance with House Ha'Dar. Her name was Ves'tra.

K'uov and Ves'tra had many children. All of them grew strong. The eldest son K'uovex joined the Klingon Military. K'uovex exceeded his father in greatness and took his place in the Honored Hall of Warriors. The House had many honored warriors through the generations. Centuries later, a Marine Colonel discovered that he was the last of his line. His adopted family was an ancient house ally. This marine was told that his parents were killed during the Khitomer Massacre of 2346. The marine learned of his true line and that his name was Ha'Dar.

Upon learning this, the marine remembered hearing of the great warriors of House Ha'Dar. After learning all he could of his line, he took a mate. This mate came from the house he had been adopted into. Her name was Ar'el Chu'thar of the House Chu'thar. By taking her as his mate, he had reforged the alliance between House Ha'Dar and House Chu'thar. Taking the name of the first Mek'toq, he and his mate started to rebuild House Ha'Dar. In doing so, they rediscovered the old traditions of the house and began new traditions as well. So is the story of the rebirth of this Honorable Marine House, whose motto is “Duty, Honor, and Loyalty.” These are the words of a Marine House.

Long Live the Empire!