General Information
The USS Endeavour is primarily a fan club. The purpose of the club events and activities is to have fun together while pursuing our enjoyment of Star Trek.
The USS Endeavour is a chapter of Starfleet-Command. As such, it is assigned to Starbase Six in Quadrant 1. The Endeavour strives to be active on both the local and national levels. For more information on Starfleet-Command, contact a senior officer.
Times and dates of crew meetings will be announced. Please ask a senior officer for a ship's calendar if one was not included in your new member packet.
All crewmembers will receive the ship's newsletter quarterly. This newsletter shall contain articles from the senior officers concerning ship's activities, Star Base events, conventions, and items of general interest. If space permits, it will also include a diverse selection of member-submitted articles, puzzles, artwork, and/or fiction. Contact the Communications officer for more information.
Crewmembers are not required to have uniforms. If members wish to wear uniforms to conventions or other events, they are free to select which style of uniform they wish to wear.
The Endeavour is not a military organization, but we use a chain-of-command to streamline communications. If you have a problem or concern, please use the following chain-of-command:
Assistant Department Head
Department Head
Second Officer
Executive Officer
Commanding Officer
Starbase Six Commanding Officer
Quadrant 1 Admiralty Board
Quadrant 1 Commander
Commander in Chief
Midshipman- Starfleet-Command members 12 years of age and under. These personnel will not be required to take the Cadet Promotion Exam until age 13. Unit commanders may request early CPE testing if they feel the individual is mature enough and warrants such exception
Cadet - Starfleet-Command members over the age of 12 who have not yet taken the Cadet Promotion Exam. 
Ensign - Complete Cadet Exam with a score of 75 or higher, or completes 6 month tour as a Cadet aboard the Academy training ship.
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Complete the Cadet Exam with a score of 100; or 6 months as an Ensign, during which time the unit Commander feels that they have participated in unit activities to a degree that warrants promotion; or being an outpost Commander with 1-5 members.
Lieutenant - Completion of 6 months in the grade of Lieutenant Junior Grade, during which the unit commander feels that they have participated in unit activities to a degree that warrants promotion; or being an outpost commander with 5-19 members.
Lieutenant Commander - Appointed by Dreadnought, heavy cruiser, light cruiser, and or Starbase Commanders for personnel falling under their jurisdiction. May be appointed by Starfleet-Command to command an outpost with 10 or more members.
Commander - Appointed by Dreadnought, heavy cruiser, light cruiser or Starbase Commanders for personnel under their jurisdiction. Appointed by Starfleet Command to command appropriate ship types, or for Staff positions, or by other special appointment.
Captain - Appointed by dreadnought, heavy cruiser or Starbase Commanders holding at least the rank of Fleet Captain for senior department heads under their jurisdiction. Appointed by Starfleet Command to command appropriate ship types, or for staff positions, or by other special appointment.
Fleet Captain - Appointed by Starfleet Command or by the Admiralty Board only to command appropriate ship types or for staff positions, or by other special appointment. Appointment will be based on the members experience, participation in Starfleet activities, and demonstrated abilities to fill specific command or command staff support positions.
Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral or Fleet Admiral - appointed by Starfleet Command or by the Admiralty Board only to fill specific position and/or Command vacancies.

Endeavour Articles of Federation

We the members of the Starship Endeavour, NCC-1508, in order to form a more perfect Star Trek ship, provide an environment for the pursuit of brotherhood and the spirit of Star Trek as inspired by Gene Roddenberry, and enjoy the fellowship of infinite diversity in infinite combinations, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution for the Starship Endeavour.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all creatures are created equals, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To assist us in securing the last of these rights, this ship is based on the organization of the starships and the governing body, Starfleet-Command, as depicted in the Star Trek universe.
The intent of this ship is to provide a warm and appropriate environment as well as a vehicle for the earthly pursuit of unity and brotherhood and tenets of behavior and spirit, as portrayed in the aforementioned universe.
The EAFEDS are to provide orderly rules for the administration of the ship. It should be noted that all references of people in this document are male for the purpose of simplicity of language. There is no intention whatsoever to slight or accentuate any gender.
Article 1
Primary Directive

1. Philosophy
The primary directive of the Starship Endeavour shall be to further the goodwill of humanity through acts of humanitarianism, friendship, goodwill and public service as set forth in the Star Trek philosophy. In pursuit of this directive, we will meet in a spirit of fun and cooperation.
2. Name and Affiliation
The name of this ship will be the Starship Endeavour, NCC-1508, and will be affiliated for its entire existence with Starfleet-Command. The ship will conform to all rules and regulations of the parent body in force at the time.
3. Purpose
The purpose of this ship will be to:
* Encourage all legal activities and efforts in connection with Star Trek and all related materials.
* To pursue unity and brotherhood of its members and those affiliated with Starfleet-Command
* Provide an atmosphere conductive to the pursuit of these goals, activities and ideas in the spirit of friendship and camaraderie
* Open a place where people of the aforementioned interests may meet and exchange information and ideas in such spirit
* Support other ships in their goals and objectives
* To provide activities and recreational opportunities to allow the members to enjoy the benefits of this unique and gentle belief in the unity and dignity of the human condition.
4. Structure
We, as the members of the starship Endeavour, fully support Starfleet-Command and its purpose and will maintain similar structure based on the needs of a single starship. However this ship is a social ship, not a paramilitary organization. The ranks issued are strictly honorary and are only used to complement the uniforms we wear to indicate position or performance. We use military terms in the fictional side of our involvement. Our executive board, known as the senior officers, is elected; they are responsible to the crewmembers below them, not the person above them. We must make every effort to remember that we are here to have fun, but not at the expense of enjoyment of Star Trek.
5. Governance
In no way will the EAFEDS or the General Orders of the Endeavour conflict with Starfleet Command's Articles of Federation. In our endorsement of Starfleet Command, we shall seek the highest level of voluntary membership in Starfleet by our crew that we can.
Article II
Governing Regulations

The EAFEDS is the backbone of the operation of this starship. It is specific yet broad, saying what but not necessarily how. The EAFEDS can only be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the eligible voting membership. Since these regulations are the foundation of the starship, any changes shall be very seriously considered.
2. General Orders
The general orders define more of the detail of how the EAFEDS shall be implemented. The general orders cannot be used to change the EAFEDS and shall in no way conflict with them. They can be altered by two-thirds majority vote of the eligible voting membership. Since the general orders describe the methods for the day-to-day operation of this starship, any changes shall likewise be seriously considered.
3. Availability
All of the governing regulations of this starship are of public nature, with no intent to hide anything. Therefore, they are available to all interested persons upon request.
Article III

1. Eligibility
Membership shall be open to any sentient being interested in the purposes and objectives of this ship without regard to race, creed, color, sex, physical impairment, or planetary origin. Status and level of membership shall be contingent on an initial quorum vote of acceptance, current dues paid and adherence to the rules and provisions set forth in the EAFEDS and any amendments or bylaws approved or affixed by the majority vote hereafter.
2. Types of Membership
There shall be two types of membership. These are national and local. Each is described below:
* National members are those who have paid their dues to both Starfleet-Command and the Endeavour and have their Starfleet-Command number in our files. They have the right to seek office within the ship and to hold departmental chairs. They also have local and national voting privileges, and may participate in the ship's business within the level of their rank and seniority.
* Local members are those who have paid their dues to the starship Endeavour, but elect not to join the parent body Starfleet-Command or have joined Starfleet-Command, but their membership card resides on another vessel. They have the right to participate in all ship and department activities but do not have local voting privileges. They are not eligible to seek office on board the ship nor do they have national voting privileges. A local member may become a national member at any time, by paying the dues required to become a member of Starfleet-Command.
3. Dues
Non-refundable membership dues shall be determined annually by the senior officers, and shall become binding on all members at the end of January each year. Dues at the local level are on a sliding scale according to membership type selected. Each person/couple/family's dues are due in January each year. These monies will go toward incidental bills that the club may incur, including, but not limited to: postage and printing of newsletters, website fees and administration, etc.  At the writing of this edition of the manual, activities will be paid on a per person basis at the time of the activity.
4. Delinquency
All members who fall delinquent on their dues for 1 month shall be deemed to have resigned. Paying the delinquent dues may reinstate a member terminated by reason of delinquency, but they may lose their previous position and seniority held.
5. Terms
A ship publication or announcement may make use of the following terms:
* A "quorum" is one more than half the voting members. This definition of quorum applies to senior officers' meetings and matters brought to a vote before the club. For senior meetings, a quorum of members must be present to conduct business.
* "Crew Member" refers to anyone who is a member of the Starship Endeavour.
* "Senior Officer" refers to any member of the governing board of the ship. This includes the Commanding Officer (Captain or CO), First Officer (or FO), the Second Officer (or Executive officer, SO, XO), and the head of each ship's department (Department Heads). These positions are further defined in Article IV and Article V.
* "Assistant Senior Officers" are those crewmembers chosen by a department head to assist him in running the department. Assistant Senior Officers are also known as Department Assistants.
* "General Members" refers to crewmembers that are not senior officers. Department Assistants are considered to be general members.
* "Founding Members" are those members who formed the ship at its inception. A founding member who leaves the ship for any reason, and rejoins at a later date, will still be considered a founding member.
* "Charter Members" are those crewmembers who have been with the ship since its commissioning. Charter members are defined as those whose names appeared on the ship roster on the date of commissioning, and who have remained members of the ship since that date. Charter members who have left the ship for any reason and later rejoin will still be considered charter members.
Article IV
The Captaincy

1. Office
The Captain is the president of the ship, and shall be regarded with the prestige and dignity of his position. He holds the ultimate responsibility for the running of the ship and therefore holds authority over all of its decisions and activities, under advisement from his senior officers. It should be remembered that the ship is still essentially a democracy, and the CO is representative of the ship and serves at the pleasure of the membership.
2. Qualifications
In order to qualify for election, the candidate for captain must fulfill the following criteria:
* Be at least 18 years of age at the time of election
* Meet the current Starfleet-Command requirements for holding the position of CO
* Any other requirements as set forth in the Starfleet-Command Articles of Federation
Election of CO will be held every 2 years by all crewmembers that are eligible to vote.
3. Authority
The CO has authority over all decisions within the limits of the EAFEDS and the general orders. Any authority not specifically given to the captain is reserved for the senior officers. It is required that the captain seek counsel in all matters from senior officers, in order that justice is served and the individual rights of the ship's members are not violated. The following are granted to the captain:
* He may, at times and for cause, reward any member without the prior consent of the senior officers.
* He may, at any time and for cause, call for the temporary or permanent removal of any member from a position of authority within the ship. Any such removal must be ratified by a quorum of senior officers. Temporary removal will last no longer than 3 months in any 12-month period. If there is no assistant willing and/or able to fulfill the duties of the position during the temporary removal, the captain may appoint an interim replacement. This article specifically does not grant the CO the authority to terminate or suspend membership or permanently remove a crewmember from a position of authority within the ship. These actions are reserved for the senior officers.
4. Responsibilities
Notwithstanding the fictional nature of this ship, the post of CO carries specific responsibilities. Failure to carry out these responsibilities may be grounds for removal. These responsibilities include:
* Ensuring that Starfleet-Command is provided with monthly reports on ship's activities in a timely and responsible manner. It is strongly suggested that the CO encourage all department heads to submit departmental reports monthly in order that a fair and accurate account is submitted.
* The CO is legally responsible for the administration of ship's funds. He has the authority to disburse funds relating to the day-to-day running of the ship. Any disbursement not relevant to routine ship's operations must be approved by a quorum of senior officers. Any funds disbursed prior to such approval are at the CO's own financial risk. Quarterly, itemized financial reports shall be provided to the senior officers. Unauthorized disbursements of ship's funds may be grounds for disciplinary procedures and/or vote of confidence, and possibly disciplinary actions granted under the laws of the state of Indiana.
* The CO should be aware that any crewmember has the right to approach him directly for a decision on any matter concerning ship's business, in order to facilitate same.
5. Accountability
Since the ship is basically a democracy, the CO is accountable to the crew for any actions that impact the ship as a whole.
6. Disciplinary Action
Since the actions of the CO reflect on the entire ship's crew, a vote of confidence may be called in the event that the actions of the CO are deemed to have a serious detrimental effect on the operation of the ship. A request for vote of confidence may be submitted according to procedure put forth in the General Orders. The guidelines for a vote of confidence are as follows:
* A vote of confidence may not be called for a period of three months after a general election, to allow the new CO time to get his bearings in the position.
* If the vote of confidence does not support the CO, the ship shall immediately hold elections for a new CO. If the CO does not relinquish control based on the vote of confidence and election, a letter signed by the majority of national members will be sent to Starfleet-Command headquarters for action by the Admiralty Board.
Article V

1. Definition
An officer is any crewmember who holds the rank of Ensign or above. The officer corps is further divided into general officers, senior officers, and command staff. A description of each is given here.
2. General Officers
Promotions to the rank of ensign or above shall be contingent upon the successful completion of Starfleet-Command Cadet Promotion Exam. This exam may be taken by any crewmember aged 13 or above. Promotions in rank will be granted according to the provisions outlined in the Articles of Federation.
3. Senior Officers
Department heads will be selected by vote of the eligible voting membership. Elections will occur biannually along with the command staff election. The department heads and command staff together makes up the senior officers.
The senior officers are the governing body of the ship; they are responsible for carrying out such duties as may, from time to time be required for the efficient maintenance and running of the ship. These duties include, but are not limited to authorizing disbursement of ship funds, coordinating ships activities, planning and implementing policy, accepting nominations for promotions and recommending applicants for the various positions available in the ship.
4. Command Staff
The command Staff consists of the CO, FO and Second Officer. The CO is in command, and is ultimately responsible for the overall operations of the ship. The CO shall be elected biannually according to the procedures outlined in the general orders.
The FO is second in command. He serves in the absence of, or at the discretion of the CO; however, it is not automatic that the FO assumes CO status should the CO position become vacant for any reason. This document provides specific democratic procedures for filling a vacant CO position. The CO appoints the FO, with the appointment being ratified by the senior officers. The appointee is not required to be a senior officer at the time of selection.
The Second Officer is third in command and serves in the absence of both the CO and FO. The senior officers appoint the second officer. The appointee is not required to be a senior officer at the time of selection. As with the FO, the Second Officer does not automatically assume command should both the CO and FO positions become vacant.
In the absence of any of these three people, command devolves to the department heads in this order: Operations, Security, Communications, Science, Engineering, and Medical.
5. Chain-of-Command
The chain of command functions to facilitate communications between the crew and the senior officers. This chain runs both ways. The chain of command from the crewmember up is as follows:
* Crewmember
* Department Head
* Second Officer
* First Officer
* Commanding Officer
* Commander, Starbase 6
* Starfleet-Command Admiralty Board

6. Elections
Elections for CO and department heads shall be held on a biannual basis, by the procedure as outlined in the General Orders.
Article VI

1. Recommendations for Promotion
Any crewmember may nominate any active crewmember for promotion and may appear before the membership to give personal insight to support the nomination, taking into account the criteria in #2 below. Just as any person retains the right to decline any position upon the ship, so does any person retain the right to decline promotion for personal reasons or if said promotion would entail responsibilities that said person feels unable or unwilling to assume at present. Declining a promotion or any assignment at any time shall in no way be detrimental to that individual receiving assignment and/or promotion in the future.
2. Criteria
Guidelines for promotions cannot be rigidly structured and committed in writing. It is the purpose of a promotion to recognize a person for his performance aboard this ship. Consideration shall be given to but not limited to the following items:
* Participation in charity functions
* Attendance and participation in crew meetings
* Competent performance of assigned duties
If promotions are easy to achieve, they will have very little meaning. If they are too difficult, people will lose interest and drop out.
3. Procedure
During the period following a promotion recommendation, all crewmembers may exchange information pertinent to the proposed promotions. A simple majority vote, excluding that of the CO, at the next meeting will determine promotion recommendations for the COs consideration. The CO will act upon these recommendations immediately upon completion of that vote. Should the CO choose to act against the majority, an immediate, public, and detailed explanation shall be given orally to the membership and will therefore be available in the club minutes.
Article VII
Disciplinary Action

1. Procedure
All members are presumed to be working for the common good of the ship's crew, and infractions shall initially be viewed as overzealous attempts to further that end.
2. Levels
The ship is not a military organization and the acts of its members are fully protected by the laws of the United States of America, and the State of Indiana in effect at that time. Disciplinary action shall therefore consist of the following levels, and shall be considered as punitive action enough.
* Verbal Warning: The member may be given a verbal warning by any senior officer in private. The CO will be informed that a verbal warning was issued to the member.
* Written Warning: The member will receive a written warning from the CO. A copy of the warning will be kept as part of the COs records.
3. Record Keeping
The CO will keep a record of verbal and written warnings during his term of office. These records shall be a part of his private files. At the end of his term, records from the last 6 months of his term shall be turned over to the relieving CO. Records of disciplinary actions older than six months will not be turned over. They will be destroyed.
4. Serious Offences
The following actions are considered serious offenses and can result in immediate suspension or removal without any prior verbal or written warnings:
* Misuse of one's position to the detriment of another member or of the ship;
* Stealing of funds or materials belonging to the ship and/or members of its crew;
* Any action by a member which involves sexual harassment, false accusation and/or lying about another member, and any violent act against another member with or without weapons involved;
* Action of any member that violates any laws of the State of Indiana or the United States of America.
5. Actions 
Disciplinary actions may range from 3-months probation, to suspension, to local expulsion combined with Starfleet notification, dependant upon the severity and/or frequency of the offense(s).
Article VIII
Liability of Members

1. Fiscal Liability
No officer, member or affiliated person or organization shall be personally liable for any bills or obligations of the ship, past or present, except for the payment of personal membership dues. Likewise, no officer or member of the ship shall dispense monies, sign contracts, fiscally bind the ship or her crew, or otherwise indebt the ship, her officers, and/or crew without the popular vote of the eligible voting membership.
2. Ship's Records
No member shall obtain for private use, nor cause to be released, the membership lists of the ship's complement, nor shall any member use neither the ship's name nor its logo for any personal gain.
3. Dissolution
In the event the membership votes to disband the ship, all mailing lists of the ship's complement shall be destroyed, and all property invested in the ship sold at auction to the ship's archive members. After all ship's debts have been paid, any remaining monies from the ship's treasury and the funds raised at auction shall be donated to charity to be determined by the senior officers.
Article IX
Ship's Archives

1. Content
A voluntary Senior Officer, to be a permanent record of the ship's business, shall maintain a ship's archives. This archive will contain, among other things, past versions of important documents, such as ship rosters, membership handbooks, general orders and this EAFEDS.
2. Retention
The documentation stored in the ship's archives shall be preserved until such time as the senior officers deem it necessary to dispose of such information.
Article X
Amendments to the Constitution

1. Procedure
Notwithstanding any decision herein made, this EAFEDS may be amended by 2/3 majority of the eligible voting membership.
2. Voting Options
Voting will be conducted by open balloting. Open balloting will take place at a regularly scheduled general crew meeting. The voting will be conducted according to the procedures outlined in the general orders.
3. Notification
The crewmembers will be notified in writing of proposed EAFEDS changes. Notification for an open ballot will be sent at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.
Article XI

1. Contents
This document shall maintain the date of acceptance of the document and each of its modifications.
2. Reporting
Documentation of amendments to this document shall contain the date and the name and position of the recording officer.
3. Ratification
The required majority of crewmembers ratified this document by open ballot on ED September 6, 2003.
Recorded by James R. Jackson.
General Order 1
Rights of the Crew Member

Each crewmember has certain rights designed to protect him. In no way does this listing of rights limit the rights of the individual. These rights include:
* The right to choose his department and his level of involvement in that department
* The right of access to pertinent (non-private) club records, and to request an accounting of club funds
* The right to privacy
* The member may choose not to have his phone number published. For administrative purposes, the command staff and the member's department head will have his address and phone number.
* Club rosters, phone numbers and/or addresses are not to be given or sold to any outside agency or person for any reason. This rule is binding for all crewmembers.
* The right of free expression. Please note that this right does not allow any member to make disparaging or offensive remarks to or about any other crewmember.
* The right to petition the eligible voting membership for a hearing
* The right to appeal any disciplinary action
* The right to bring complaint against the actions of any other crewmember
General Order 2
Ship's Ground Rules

* No illicit drugs of ANY kind will be consumed at the meetings or around other club members. This is against our rules and the public laws. If there are drugs consumed at the meetings or at private homes, that member will be asked to leave. Their membership will be suspended, pending a vote of termination. The appropriate authorities may be notified.
* No person may recruit club members for a separate group unless he is a member of the ship. Such recruitment, when it takes place, must be on an individual basis, and not an open recruitment. Any such group within this ship must be an organization recognized by Starfleet-Command.
* Any club member who, at a club event, gives alcohol to a minor or allows alcohol to fall into the hands of a minor not their child or spouse will have their membership immediately suspended, pending a vote of termination. The appropriate authorities may be notified.
* Under no circumstances is any club member to attempt to enforce his own moral code upon the club as a whole.
* All crewmembers are expected to maintain proper decorum at all times. Remember: What you do reflects on everyone on the ship.
General Order 3
Election Procedures

Elections will be held biannually. The new administration will officially take office at the end of the current command staff's term of office (December of that year). This interim period is designed to allow for a smooth transition between one administration and the next.
In order to be eligible to vote in departmental election, the member must have been in the department for a minimum of two months. In order to be eligible to vote for CO, the member must have been in the club for a minimum of three months.
In order to be eligible to run in a departmental election, the candidate must have completed the Cadet Promotion Exam, and must be eligible to vote in that election. In order to be eligible to run for CO, you must meet the requirements set in the constitution. In addition, the member must have served as a senior officer, or have been a member of the ship for a minimum of six months.
* Nominations for all senior officer positions will be taken at both the July and August crew meetings. Each nomination must be seconded. A person cannot nominate himself. Nominations are closed at the end of the August crew meeting.
* Each candidate will be required to present is/her candidacy and platform orally to the membership at the September meeting.
* Included with the September quarterly newsletters will be an election roster with candidate statements.
* Voting will take place at the last October meeting. Eligible voting members may vote by written proxy.
* In the case of a tie, a runoff election will be held involving only the candidates involved.
After the elections, the newly elected senior officers may choose their assistants. In the case of the XO, the newly elected senior officers must ratify the nominee. If the nominee is not ratified by a majority of senior officers, the CO must nominate another person for that position and follow the same procedure until such time as a person is ratified.
All candidates should keep in mind that "mudslinging" campaigns or superfluous disparaging remarks made about one's rivals will be considered according to EAFEDS guidelines, and may be subject to disciplinary action.
General Order 3.1
Special Elections

Department Head
If a department head resigns his position before the end of the term, the eligible voting membership shall select a replacement to serve the remainder of the term as outlined herein:
* A notice of an open senior officer position will be given at a general crew meeting and in the ship's newsletter. A deadline of 2 weeks will also be announced for applications of interested candidates.
* Candidates must submit a written letter of interest in the open position. A senior officer must receive letter of interest by the deadline date.
* Candidates must meet all normal requirements for running in a department head election, as outlined in the General Orders, including membership in the department in question. If, and only if, there are no applicants who meet the above requirements, the senior officers may consider candidates who do not meet one or more of the requirements.
* Senior officers discuss the applications with the members; the eligible voting membership then votes.
Commanding Officer
In the event that a CO is unable to complete his term, a special election will be held.
* In order to run for CO, a candidate must meet all normal requirements as set by Starfleet-Command and the ship's constitution, and the general orders.
* In order to vote, a member of the club must be in good standing, and must have been a member for a minimum of three months.
* Nominations will be taken at the next available general crew meeting. The club members must be notified in advance that nominations will be taken. A person cannot nominate himself. Each nomination must be seconded.
* Nominations must be accepted or declined at the time they are made. A crewmember who wishes to run but cannot attend the meeting may send written acceptance, in case they are nominated. Verbal acceptance from people not present will NOT be allowed.
* Each candidate will be required to make an oral candidacy and platform presentation at a designated meeting.
* The election will take place at a general crew meeting within two months of the nominations. If mail-ins or proxies are allowed, a deadline for the receipt of ballots must be given.
* In the case of a tie, a runoff election will be held. Only those candidates in the tie will be involved.
* The newly elected commanding officer will take office at the next meeting or event, and will serve the remainder of the term, until the next general election. The new commanding officer has the option of appointing a new first officer, to be ratified by the senior officers.
General Order 4
Vote of Confidence

Should the general membership of the club come to feel that the commanding officer is not acting in the best interest of the club, a vote of confidence may be called.
* A petition for a vote of confidence, signed by 1/3 of the ship's eligible voting membership, may be submitted to any senior officer. The petition must include specifics as to the reason for this action. This officer then becomes the coordinator for the vote of confidence proceedings. The coordinator is not required to reveal the original source of the petition. If so requested by the petition's originator, the coordinator must specifically refrain from revealing the originator. Vote of confidence proceedings will also automatically take place if the commanding officer is guilty of a serious offense as stated in Article VII section 4.
* The coordinator must notify the CO of vote of confidence proceedings within 10 days of receiving the petition.
* The CO will have 10 days after the date marked on the coordinator's notice to present justification for his actions to the coordinator.
* Within 30 days of the CO's answer, the coordinator must notify the club membership of the vote of confidence proceedings, the nature of the complaint, and the captain's response. A ballot card will be included.
* At the second meeting following the notification, a vote of the crew will be taken. Any crewmember that is unable to attend may choose to mail or e-mail the ballot to the coordinator.
* If a 3/5 majority of the ship enters a vote of "No Confidence" against the CO, he will be asked to step down immediately. A special election for interim CO will be held, and the new CO will serve until the next general election.
* If the motion fails to carry by the required margin, no further action will be taken. The CO is specifically barred from taking punitive actions against the real or perceived originator of any vote of confidence petition.
* A CO may not be subjected to a vote of confidence during the first 90 days of his assuming the position of CO.
General Order 5

General Meetings
General meetings shall be held on an as needed basis, at which the general business of the ship shall be conducted. General meetings shall be structured rather loosely, to enable members to be entertained with such diverse interests as speakers, films, trivia games, auctions and the like. All general members may participate, and shall have the right to present points of business for discussion. To change the portion of the general orders pertaining to general meetings requires the same format used as the EAFEDS.
In the event that general meetings are not held on a regular basis, ship's business will be conducted by the use of e-mail and the ship's newsletter and website.
Senior Officer Meetings
Senior Officer Meetings shall be held on an as needed basis, and shall be convened to conduct the ship's business and deal with special problems. Attendance to senior officer meetings is restricted to senior and assistant senior officers. General members may request to attend senior officers meeting. Approval of the request requires the authorization of either three senior officers or a senior officer and the CO. General members will have limited input to these meetings, and may be required to leave for the purpose of dealing with personnel matters. The most senior officer present shall chair each meeting.
Ship's General Orders
These orders outline the ground rules upon which the club will be run. The general orders may be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the voting membership, as outlined in the ship's EAFEDS. Each general order is numbered for easy reference.
All references of people in this document are male for simplicity of language. There is no intention whatsoever to slight or accentuate any gender.

(original constitution template courtesy of the USS Panther City, Starfleet International)