Starbase Indy
(the ninth generation)

On November 26-28, 2004, the USS Endeavour jumped in with both feet to help out with STARBASE INDY.  Held at the Marriott East, it was the fist fan-run convention in Indianapolis in quite a few years.  Endeavour members volunteered to work as guest liaisons, registration, set building, operations, and even acting in the Starbase Indy play.

It was literally the "Weekend of the Endeavour."  We were everywhere all the time.  Our Enterprise 1701-D greeted all conventioneers as they entered and our Stargate was on display at the other end of the convention in the Props room.

For their efforts, members got to meet and hang out with such stars as Anthony Montgomery, Conner Trineer, Jeffrey Combs, James Horan, Garrett Wang, and Deborah Downey.  Other guests included authors Janet and Larry Nemecek, who were great.

Three memorable events occurred at the annual Starfleet Command meeting.  First, it was the 30th anniversary of Starfleet Command.  Second, Starfleet Command signed treaties with the International Klingon Expeditionary Forces, Starfleet Officers Club, and the Romulan Star Empire.  And third, the Endeavour walked away with First and Second Place Awards (mostly First) in almost every catagory.

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Registration was non-stop all weekend. Our ship greeted all visitors and everyone wanted their picture with it. Some of our group, just hanging out.
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Samantha had a great time working with Jeffrey all weekend. Roy was a last minute fill-in for the play. Posed shot before the Starfleet Command meeting. The way to a Klingon's heart is through his...
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Generally fans want their pictures taken with the stars.
But Melissa's red dress had a magnetism that drew the stars to her.
Left to Right are: Jeffrey Combs, James Horan, Garrett Wang, and FADM Bischoff.
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We also received a few Starbase Awards. Loving every minute of working with Anthony. Treaty Signing Filming a UPN promo.