New Year's Eve
December 31, 2004

Members of the Endeavour came together to bring in the new year at 1st LT Kevin Hollingsworth's house.  It was a "family" event, so we did not expect much excitement.

However, after all the food, singing, and celebrating, a transformer blew and resulted in a total power outage.  We hung around in the dark and partied for another forty minutes before everyone decided 2:30 am was a good time to go home.

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Allison making the rounds with Misty and Cyndi. Cyndi and Eden
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Sadie Bridgette Gathering in the kitchen
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Corey, Dylan, and Rob Cyndi and Roy Gilly picking out a song
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Cat faces for the new year. Sister and Brother Rick singing.
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Sierra, Lisa, and Bridgette Gilly and Rick Men singing
DSCF0067.JPG (109510 bytes) DSCF0072.JPG (123395 bytes) DSCF0075.JPG (124447 bytes)
Rod and Chris Gavin the Party Man Julie and Matt
DSCF0065.JPG (120219 bytes) DSCF0071.JPG (118386 bytes) DSCF0074.JPG (111173 bytes)
Bellying up the bar. Comparing Babies Jerry made it