Halloween Party 2004

The Endeavour Halloween Party was held at 1st LT Kevin Hollingsworth's house. With 67 people in attendance, the party lasted from 5pm until 3am. The club outdid themselves this year by converting his garage into a rather professional-looking "Haunted House." His large living room was open for karaoke with almost everyone participating. LTCDR Stacy Mulder's Karaoke system was also compatible with Kevin's big-screen TV.  We had a pitch-in meal, treats for the kids, and a variety of kid activities with prizes. After the main events, we retreated to his backyard for a marshmallow and weenie roast.

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Midshipmen played
"Wrap the Mummy"
We kept the kids away from our guest star Welcome to our
Haunted House!
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Posing out of costume. They came in droves "I thought this was the Defiant party!"
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You gotta put your
soul into it!
"Lets do the Time Warp again!!!" Singing "Faith of the Heart".
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As time went by, the make-up came off. Enjoying the fire. Midshipmen after midnight.