One Year Anniversary Party

On September 6, 2004, the USS Endeavour celebrated its One-Year Anniversary with a pitch-in lunch followed by the presentation of a video of our "First Year in Review," a water fight for the midshipmen, and karaoke for the officers.

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Vicky preparing food. The pitch-in is always a big success with way too much food. Eating and enjoying good conversation.
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So many people, we had overflow in another room. Starfleet Officers Club
arrived from Cincinnati
and Dayton, OH.
Watching the video
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Relaxing after the meal. Karaoke is always a big hit when you do the classics. Even Samual wants to karaoke.
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Discussing a trip to Vegas. Outside in the fresh air. Getting ready to battle..
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The water fight was a great way to cool off. The war spreads to the front yard. Calmer activities include throwing a frisbee.