(first pick-up-Sunday, August 7, 2004)

We did not get a lot of pictures, but we worked really hard to clean Indiana highway 9 in Madison County from 600 North to 800 North.  This was a difficult stretch because it has a fifteen foot median and both sides of the highway drop down pretty far.  

Timing is everything and since the highway department had just mowed, a simple Styrofoam cup took quite a bit of time to pick up after being shredded over a five-foot area.

We also did not choose the best day for picking up trash.  It was about ninety degrees.  As a matter of fact, one member had to stop and rest for fear having a heat stroke.

All in all, it could have gone better, but the Endeavour spirit prevailed and we completed our assigned task in just under three hours.

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With his orange vest and pointed stick, ENS Dylan Hollingsworth is ready to go Samantha and Misty are always ready to jump in and help whenever they can. Rod and Roy waiting to load up.  It looks like Roy needs a bigger vest. Dylan taping a nail to his pointed stick (it didn't really work very well).