Alexandria, Indiana
The Madison County 4H Parade
July 18, 2004

With a farm theme for the 4H parade, the Endeavour crew braved sweltering heat to honor the memory of fellow crewman, Monty New.
Interestingly, the Madison County 4-H committee asked us to participate in this event.
The crew turned out in uniforms and costumes from
all Trek series along with farm, club, and Stargate attire.

This had to be the most eclectic float ever.

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Impromptu baby shower before the parade. Allison trying to hold Corrie. The Beginning
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Gathering for the parade. Ship over the farm Midshipmen on the farm.
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Pulling the float. Leading the float. Remembering Monty
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The crowd loved us. Definitely a time-warp ship Favorite pets.
IM000255.JPG (92309 bytes) IM000267.JPG (95620 bytes) theend.jpg (44563 bytes)
Discussing important TREK issues. Starting the tear-down. The End